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Ace Warehousing

Maximize the power of Lanham’s ACE Warehousing Solution with Barcom’s selection of hardware designed for fast-paced warehouse applications.

Empowering workers with updated mobile technology, smart industrial bar code printers and long-range handheld scanners keeps productivity high and error rates low. Combine any one of these Barcom-approved, powerful devices with Lanham’s ACE Warehousing Solution for reliable, work-horse performance.

ACE Warehousing Solution

Mobile Computers

Honeywell CK65 Mobile Computer
Best-in-class ruggedness, long-life battery operation and designed for tough conditions, the Honeywell CK65  mobile computer offers the mobility, reliability and performance needed for a fast-paced warehouse environment. The CK65 also offers an easy path for those who are transitioning from legacy Windows® operating systems to the Android™ platform. Learn more about Honeywell devices

Honeywell CK75 Handheld Computer
Light weight yet durable, the Honeywell CK75 mobile computer offers workers the ability to easily switch to tasks requiring near or far scanning, speech, voice and image capture, without having to use multiple devices. Working in a cold storage environment?  Then consider the heater-equipped, cold storage version of the CK75. Learn more about Honeywell devices  

Zebra MC9300 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer
Whether bar codes are in hand, on tall shelves of your racks or somewhere in between, the MC9300 can handle it — with scanning ranges as close as 3 inches and as far as 70 feet. This Android enterprise mobile computer is ideal for all types of users with a combination keypad/touchscreen onboard. Learn more about Zebra devices

Honeywell Thor™ VM1A Vehicle-Mounted Computers
This Android-based vehicle-mount device offers flexibility for forklift operators to keep moving without compromising accuracy. With support from Android O through Android R plus security updates available for up to two years, the VM1A offers a low overall TCO. Powerful, application-expandable solutions help future-proof operations and improve workflow processes. Learn more about Honeywell devices

Handheld Bar Code Scanners

Honeywell Granit™ XP Industrial-Grade Area-Imaging Scanner
Granit XP 1990iXR scanners provide extreme performance bar code scanning with best-in-class ruggedness for rock-solid reliability and low total cost of ownership. Learn more about Honeywell devices 

Honeywell Xenon XP General Duty Area-Imaging Scanner
For high-volume scanning environments, the Xenon™ XP scanners deliver performance, accuracy and durability.  Fast, reliable scanning performance (even on damaged or hard-to-read bar codes), keeps worker productivity high.  Wireless configuration also available. Learn more about Honeywell devices

Honeywell Voyager XP Area-Imaging Wireless Scanner
For traditional bar codes, including damaged and difficult-to-read codes, the Voyager XP is backed by a 5-year warranty for corded models, and a 3-year warranty for cordless.A wireless range of up to 10 meters (33 feet) enables maximum operator freedom while eliminating the hassle and trip-hazard of a tethered cable. Learn more about Honeywell devices

Zebra DS3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Scanners
For a rugged, fast-paced environment, performance and reliability are key.  The DS3600 Series can capture virtually any bar code with speed and precision, making it an ideal choice for the warehouse or factory floor. Learn more about Zebra devices

Bar Code Label Printers

Zebra ZD620 Advanced Desktop Printer
The ZD620 rises above conventional desktop printers with productivity-enhancing features and outstanding print quality. Both direct thermal and thermal transfer models are available, as well as an optional 10-button user interface with a color LCD to make printer setup and status a snap. The Zebra ZD620 is a powerful printer with a small footprint that works well in fast-pasted environments.

Zebra ZT220 Series Industrial Printers
Space-saving design and effortless set-up make this industrial-class printer easy to maintain for a variety of applications. This series is also ENERGY STAR® qualified to save you money throughout its lifecycle.

Zebra ZQ520 Mobile Printer
Optimized for tough environments, the ZQ520 is great for environments with a high-volume duty cycle needing a 4″ receipt or invoice.  The ZQ520 can also print labels for medium duty-cycle applications.

Other Devices & Technology

Zebra WT41N0 Wearable Terminal
With package volume, traceability and regulation requirements on the rise, moving items through your warehouse means workers are moving faster than ever before.  The Zebra WT41N0 rugged wearable provides hands-free flexibility for workers on the move, and offers the ability to focus on immediate tasks for package handling efficiency and accuracy.

Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner
Responsive, accurate 1D and 2D bar code scanning ability and high tolerance to motion is what you get with the Honeywell 8670 ring scanner. Comfortable finger and wrist straps are user-friendly and impervious to moisture, making it easy to comply with corporate hygiene and cleaning guidelines.

RF (Wireless) Infrastructure
With more businesses turning to cloud services for data storage, communications and collaboration, network security is critical. Understanding what tools and techniques are needed will ensure quality of service for your users. A wireless site survey can help you understand what your current infrastructure can manage and where improvements can be made so users, data and networks are safe. Barcom is a Cisco Select Partner and a Cisco Small and Medium Sized Business Partner, with certified professionals in security, routing and switching. Learn more about wireless site surveys

Other Productivity-Enhancing Solutions

In addition to data collection devices, Barcom offers additional tools and media to improve operating efficiency throughout the warehouse:

  • Device Accessories
  • Powered Mobile Carts
  • Bin Location Labeling
  • Fixed & Portable Printers
  • And more…

Have another brand or device in mind? Tell us about it!
As an industry partner for nearly 3 decades, Barcom has relationships with manufacturers all over the world.  If you’re interested in using a device for your application that you don’t see on our website, send us an email with the model number and we can help you determine whether or not it would be ideal for your environment.


“Barcom is a Cisco Select Partner and has certified Cisco Engineers on staff. This expertise ensures a solid RF Infrastructure and support that goes with it.”

– John Rewcastle, President of Barcom

Barcom’s Professional Services Team Focuses on Customer Results.

Service offerings include:

  • On-Site and Predictive / Virtual RF Site Surveys
  • Pre-Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Asset Tagging
  • Co-Engineering of Bin Location Labels
  • Demo Units & Test Equipment
  • Help Desk Support
  • Maintenance Agreements

When you choose Barcom, you get results.

We understand the challenges that your employees face. We’ve worked in the trenches and know how harsh a
warehouse environment can be. That’s why our customers are proud to call us their partner. We help them get the
results they need – greater productivity, increased accuracy and higher profits. Call us today to schedule a free
warehouse walk-through and let us show you how to become a leader in your industry.

“Had we contacted Barcom first, we would have been up and running six months earlier.”

For anyone looking to implement Lanham’s ACE Warehousing system, we recommend Barcom to conduct the site evaluation and provide all scanning equipment and WAPs. We used an IT firm originally, and had connection and coverage issues. After calling Barcom, our connection issues disappeared and coverage was much better. Had we contacted Barcom first, we would have been up and running six months earlier.

-Steve Luba, EDI/IT – Arteriors

ACE Warehousing

With the freedom to move, and access to critical data in real-time, Lanham’s ACE Warehousing offers:

  • Improved mobility throughout the warehouse
  • Greater order, inventory and data visibility
  • Increased accuracy; fewer data entry errors
  • Faster processing of tasks; more flexibility

Learn more about ACE Warehousing software from Lanham Associates.

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