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If you’re managing a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing plant, being connected and having visibility into your inventory, assets and processes is crucial. It not only makes your job easier, but it increases the accuracy and efficiency of your workforce. With Zebra’s mobile computing, printing and scanning solutions, you’ll gain the flexibility and agility needed to improve processes, meet quality goals, have happier customers and make great strides toward a more efficient operation.


Automate and streamline your operations

  • Receiving
  • Put-Away & Replenishment
  • Inventory Management
  • Picking, Packing & Staging
  • Cross-Docking
  • Shipping

Stay one step ahead of the competition.

Meeting customer demands is paramount to maintaining a competitive position. Zebra’s warehouse solutions offer the visibility needed to become significantly more effective throughout your supply chain. From assets to inventory, historical data and trends, you’ll gather the intelligence needed to make informed decisions, empower your workforce, stay customer compliant and maintain better control of your operational profitability.


With Zebra’s mobile computers, printers, scanners and services, we can provide smart visionary solutions that let you see the big picture. For unprecedented visibility into your enterprise, it’s Zebra.

Bar Code & RFID Printing Solutions

Zebra’s extensive portfolio of industrial printers gives you smarter ways to track and manage your assets. With Zebra’s barcode and RFID printer solutions, you can produce labels, tags, receipts, documents or cards on-demand.


Zebra’s ZT600 is the toughest and most future-ready industrial printer yet. Its leading-edge combination of industrial brawn and next-generation brains delivers exceptional printing performance and reliability while making it incredibly easy to integrate, manage and maintain.



The ZT510 provides the core features of an industrial printer at a cost-effective price point. It combines proven, durable design and construction with advanced management and monitoring capabilities. You get 24/7 reliability to keep your operations running smoothly, plus longevity and advanced functionality to power through every challenge in the years to come.


ZT400 Industrial Printer

Constructed with an all-metal frame and bi-fold door, ZT400 Series printers deliver advancements in print speed, registration and connectivity as well as additional business-critical features.

Mobile Computing

Zebra’s versatile, integrated voice and data mobile computing products allow you to capture and exchange business-critical information according to your specific enterprise needs. Use mobile computers to equip your on-the-go workforce with the applications and connectivity they need, wherever they are.

MC3300 Touch Computer

MC3300 Touch Computer

If you’re looking for a next gen technology that can keep you moving forward into the future, the Zebra MC3300 is the right choice. Built on Android™, you can easily migrate your apps, run two at a time, side-by-side, and more. With a combination of four different form factors, 3 ranges of barcode scanning, three keypads and multi-tiered functionality, the MC3300 is quite possibly the perfect fit for your warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility.

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ET50/ET55 Tablet

ET50/ET55 Tablet

The Zebra ET50 Series is a flexible business tablet with all the enterprise-class features you need in a consumer-styled device. Get enterprise durability, constant battery power, your choice of Android™ or Windows®, GPS, NFC and fast Wi-Fi and cellular wireless connections, and two integrated cameras for barcode scanning, data capture and video calls.



The MC9200 is a rugged mobile computer that offers outstanding functionality and flexibility. Choose one of three operating systems, enjoy the ability to switch between operating systems, and get seven of Zebra’s most advanced scan engines, plus six interchangeable keypads and plenty of power to support today’s highly-graphical business applications.



With Zebra’s VC80, you can give your vehicle operators mobile access to the desktop applications they need to complete their tasks faster and more accurately. With a compact design and flexible mounting options, you get full Windows support and the fastest wireless connections in a super-rugged design built for your toughest indoor and outdoor environments.


TC70/TC75 Touch Computer Series

The Zebra TC70/TC65 Series touch mobile computer is ready for the demands of all-day use in the most demanding environments. Work more efficiently and provide better customer service with the most advanced Zebra scan engine, including longer range and more data capture capability. Built to survive life on the shop floor or out in the field, these rugged devices allow you to choose between Android or Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise operating systems as well as Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE communications.



This feature-rich, all-touch keypad mobile computer is designed for the serious warehouse worker. The innovative, ergonomic design lends itself to be a true productivity booster for rugged environments like manufacturing, distribution centers and a busy warehouse.  Facing the user while scanning, the large screen eliminates the need to constantly tilt the device to confirm each scan, which speeds up transactions; and since the unit is 33% lighter than similar mobile computers on the market, it also reduces worker fatigue.  The TC8000 operates on an enterprise-class Android™ operating system to offer superior security, device management and data capture capabilities.

Industrial Bar Code Scanning

With a Zebra bar code scanner in hand, your workers can capture the data that matters most—as fast and as accurately as possible. Whether you need bar code scanning on the manufacturing production, in the warehouse aisle, or at your retail point of sale, we have a scanner that’s right for your environment and your application.



With maximum rugged specifications, Zebra’s DS3500-ER Series scanners can scan an array of barcode types across a wide range of distances—from near contact to as far as 30 feet away. Workers can also hold the trigger down to continuously scan items, and the DS3500-ER Series can read barcodes in darkness or in bright sunlight, indoors and outdoors.



Zebra’s Symbol DS3578 Series of rugged, cordless, omni-directional 1D/2D image scanners brings comprehensive, high-performance data capture to harsh industrial environments. Engineered with breakthrough digital imaging technology, this scanner family delivers extremely fast and accurate data capture of 1D/2D barcodes, direct part marks (DPM) and images, and supports Item Unique Identification (IUID).


DS3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners

Zebra’s ultra-rugged 3600 Series barcode scanners offer the most indestructible design available today. They meet an 8 ft./2.4 m drop specification, are 23 percent more durable than other scanners in their class, and continue to operate reliably after 5,000 tumbles. They’re also dust-tight, spray-proof and waterproofed to IP67 specification. In addition, advanced scanning technology captures barcodes the first time, every time, in virtually any condition—including barcodes under shrink wrap and labels that are damaged, dirty, smudged or poorly printed.



The LS3408-ER handheld corded scanner captures 1D barcodes in the harshest of conditions—even when labels are at varying distances. Featuring the widest working range available, it reads labels as far away as 45 feet and as close as .25 inches.

Wearable Devices

Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions have become a leading technology for wearable devices. Built on an Android platform and backed by Zebra’s own “Mobility DNA,” these devices deliver outstanding scanning performance and manageability for better overall worker performance and flexibility.


WT6000 Android Wearable Computer

The WT6000 Android wearable computer is a leader in its class. Small, light and adaptable, it’s easy to wear and more comfortable than competitive models for any size arm. Its industrial design is built for a rugged environment, multiple users, and maximum comfort for unparalleled uptime.

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RS6000 Bluetooth Ring Scanner

This ring scanner packs a punch against comparable products available today. This device offers outstanding scanning performance and can reach nearly 4x farther than other ring scanners on the market. It also features a super long-life battery that can keep up with workforce demands. FAST. ACCURATE. SCANNING.

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Take a peek at the results of Zebra’s Warehouse Vision Survey and see what your peers are planning for asset visibility, warehouse productivity and supply chain integration.

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We can recommend the right solution that will work best for your process and environment.  From printing and scanning to hands-free mobile computing and forklift-mounted solutions, we can help you realize enormous gains with Zebra’s productivity-boosting products.

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