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4 Benefits of a Wireless (RF) Site Survey

Mobile device traffic is consistently increasing, with today’s research showing as much as 70% of online traffic coming from mobile devices vs. desktop.  With much of this traffic being transmitted by WiFi, your network can be affected from a coverage, bandwidth and security standpoint if you don’t have the appropriate systems in place to support usage. 

So how do you ensure you have the infrastructure to support today and tomorrow’s usage? Consider a wireless (RF) site survey.  Here are a few reasons why:

Create Consistency
Depending on the layout of your facility, different areas may not offer the same signal levels.  This includes objects or construction that may interfere with signal strength (i.e., tall shelves, dark corners, load-bearing beams, and even temperature fluctuations can affect your signal).  Or perhaps there are areas where the signal is too strong, which can waste energy and overwhelm the receiver (as well as neighboring receivers).  A site survey can help you identify these areas of weakness so you can count on consistent performance throughout your warehouse or other industrial facility.

Protect the Security of Your Network & Data
With more businesses turning to cloud services for data storage, communications and collaboration, network security is critical.  Understanding what tools and techniques are needed will also ensure quality of service to users is not compromised. A wireless site survey can help you understand what your current infrastructure can manage and where improvements can be made so users, data and networks are safe.

Eliminate the Guesswork
Estimating the number of access points (APs) you need and placing them at random locations in your environment can result in inadequate signal strength, dead spots, or even cause you to spend more than necessary to achieve desired results.  A wireless planning survey can test access points needed for the application and identify the signal and data rate requirements for each of the designated areas.  This includes recommendations for band/channel parameters.

Spend Wisely
Protecting your investment, as well as your assets, must start with a well-thought-out plan.  Doing your homework up front means there will be fewer surprises and a more controlled spend.  We occasionally hear from organizations who originally brought in IT consultants and spent tens of thousands of dollars, only to find that performance does not meet their expectations.  Leveraging the expertise of a professional who has experience helping companies like yours means they already understand how to get around the challenges that are common in high-traffic, rugged environments.  In addition, heat mapping and a planning survey will help you understand your environment and how to bring greater efficiency to overall operations. 

If you’re interested in scheduling a site survey, or if you’d like to talk with us about our process, please contact us.  We can help you put together a strategy that will enable you to meet your requirements and achieve optimal performance.  







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