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Mobile Computers

Having all the information you need, at your fingertips, can be a valuable part of any warehouse activity. From parts picking to shipment packing to inventory tracking, a mobile computing device can speed up the process and accuracy of data collection. Honeywell devices are ergonomic and light weight, without sacrificing features and functionality such as a tactical keypad, 802.11x connectivity and Bluetooth®.


Handheld Mobile Computers

When it comes to mobile computers, Honeywell covers all the bases. From their industry-leading CT50 family of devices, to the ultra-rugged CK and CN mobile computers, we can help you choose the perfect rugged solution based on your unique requirements. We also have the operating system to best fit your needs, including: Android, Windows 10 IoT, and Windows Mobile.

  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Frontline Workers (loading docks, etc.)
  • Mobile Field Service Workers
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • In-Premise Applications
  • Cold Storage Facilities

Looking for a total solution? View this infographic for information on the power of combining Honeywell devices with Transaction™ software.


Vehicle-Mount Computers

The warehouse is a busy place, and your workers don’t need anything that will slow them down. We offer Honeywell vehicle-mounted computers that can keep your warehouse employees on the go without having to interrupt the supply chain workflow. The Thor™ family of vehicle-mount computers easily satisfy the needs of supply chain operations of all sizes.

  • Rugged design withstands vibration & shock common on a fork lift
  • Available with a variety of display sizes from 16.5 cm (6.5 in) up to 30.7 cm (12.1 inches)
  • Compact, mid-size and full-size options
  • Smart Dock (option) to mount and remove the device in seconds
  • Field-Replaceable Front Panel allows for do-it-yourself repairs on components that take all the abuse
Cold Storage VM3

Keep Productivity on Track.

When your workers are armed with the right equipment, productivity improves dramatically. And constantly changing out batteries, dealing with a device that’s difficult to read, handle or operate can bring a simple task to an abrupt halt. Consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) on your current device. Are you spending more on accessories and repeated repairs just to keep your device alive?

Look for these features in your next user-friendly, cold storage device:

  • Environmental rating of IP65 for particle and moisture resistance
  • Low-impedance, Li batteries for full-shift productivity
  • Back-lit keypad designed for gloved hands
  • Screens with defroster mechanism to go from floor to freezer without condensation
  • Full wireless coverage that can handle operation indoors or out

Cold Storage Mobile Computing Devices

Cold temps can wreak havoc on technology. The harsh environment of a cold storage application needs a mobile computing device designed to tolerate not only the cold temps but the added challenges associated with this type of environment:

  • Condensation build-up on screens from going in and out of cold temps
  • Limited wireless range due to cold air and insulation
  • Constantly drained batteries from operation in extreme cold
  • Displays that can be difficult to read in low lighting areas

An ordinary mobile computing device designed for the warehouse would not provide consistent reliability if exposed to these conditions. Not to mention the challenges cold storage workers face when trying to use equipment not designed specifically for this type of application. With bulky clothes to keep workers warm, some holsters won’t fit, pockets aren’t big enough; and gloved hands make keypad use even more challenging.

Honeywell’s cold storage mobile computer was built with the user in mind. It’s light weight and great for a fast-paced environment with a heavy workload:

  • Internal defrosters keep screens from condensation and fogging up when temps fluctuate
  • Low-impedance, lithium-ion batteries and special packs help maintain battery life
  • These temperature resistant devices can handle down to -22°F (-30°C)

Wearable Mobile Computing Devices

Similar to a wearable scanning device, a mobile computer that can adapt to hands-free mode is ideal for workers on the move. When employees have to travel from one station to another in order to complete a task, that’s where the breakdown begins. Interruptions, errors, and miscommunication can occur when they are removed from the point of work. Providing a wearable computer gives them the freedom to work with both hands free without having to run from one area to the next to perform a lookup, enter data, communicate with co-workers or access the network. When you choose a handheld device like Honeywell’s Dolphin 75e, you can standardize on one general-purpose device that can be shared across different tasks.

Industrial Bar Code Printers & Printer Media

Honeywell offers an extensive range of printer and media solutions for just about any environment or application. Whether you’re looking for a bar code label printer for a high-volume application, or just in need of a solution to help you automate the bar code labeling process, Barcom can help you select the right printer for your environment, demand and price point.

High-Performance Printing

For mission critical applications, 24×7 operation and average 5,000-10,000 labels/day, try the H-Class Series of printers. Equipped with an optional in-line scanner, you can even validate the readability of your bar codes.

Mid-Range Printing

The I-Class Mark II and PM Series industrial printers have a rugged platform designed for mainstream applications with an average of 2,000-7,000 labels/day.

Commercial Printing

For light duty industrial and commercial applications, try the PD43 or PD43c printer (typically 1,000-2,000 labels per day).

Enterprise-Grade Mobile Printing

For demanding printing environments where accuracy and speed are key performance indicators, Honeywell offers an array of mobile printing options based on your environment and throughput.


If you’re looking for a small footprint, light-duty label printer for low-volume labeling applications (less than 2 rolls or 1,000 labels/day), Honeywell has your choice of label, ticket and tag desktop barcode printers that are easy to install and operate.

RFID Industrial Bar Code Printers

Honeywell RFID printers make it simple to print, encode and verify RFID labels with accuracy and ease, and easily integrate into your unique application.

Fork Lift Mounted Printers

A fork lift is a harsh environment for a printer. The MP Compact 4 printer is designed from the ground up to handle the vibration of a fork lift and the unique power and mounting needed. Add to this larger rolls of labels that are very easy to load – this is the productivity you’ve been looking for.

Honeywell bar code printers are designed to improve worker productivity and accelerate your operations. Each and every model is designed to be rugged and user-friendly; it begins with an easy and quick set-up process, simple loading of media, and built to withstand the rigors of your environment. From a performance standpoint, the brand speaks for itself, with many of Honeywell’s desktop, mobile and industrial printers delivering the fastest printing performance in the market.
Printer Media Solutions

Choosing the Best Printer Media Solution for Your Honeywell Bar Code Label Printer

We offer a variety of labels, tags and ribbons to support a wide range of bar code printing applications. Whether your requirements are for a commercial-grade application like shipping, or a harsh environment like cold storage, asset tracking or manufacturing, we can provide the best solution. Standard media is readily available, and we can also order customized label material, a particular configuration, size or any other feature needed to meet your unique requirements.

Bar Code Scanners

When you automate processes in the warehouse, you get amazing results. Whether it’s inventory tracking, asset management, track & trace, or points in between, bar code data collection solutions speed up workflow and provide reliable information to help you increase efficiencies and grow your business. Honeywell has perfected bar code scanning technology regardless of your application.


Industrial Bar Code Scanners

When it comes to the warehouse or factory floor, there’s nothing light duty about it. You need equipment that can stand up to the rigors of the environment; whether it’s dust, dirt, drops to concrete, water sprays or everything in between, your bar code scanner needs to keep on working – from one shift to the next. That’s why Honeywell has engineered their industrial bar code scanners to be extra durable and always reliable.

Honeywell’s Granit™ family of industrial handheld bar code scanners can tackle your requirements:

Granit 198Xi Wired or wireless, these area-imaging scanners are capable of reading 1D and 2D barcodes from 15cm (6”) to 15m (50’).
Granit 191Xi Arm’s length scanning for your linear or 2D bar codes with super-fast responsiveness, pinpoint accuracy and an IP65 rating.
Granit 1280i This wired laser scanner reads bar codes as far out as 16.5m (54’) or as close as 8.9cm (3.5”). Its extended range and configurable user feedback makes it a snap to operate in a fast-paced environment.

General Duty Bar Code Scanners

Honeywell’s offering of general duty scanners are great for small-to-medium sized businesses who are looking for something reliable, yet economical for light-duty, commercial applications.

  • Shipping
  • Back Office
  • Asset Tracking
  • Healthcare
  • Library

The Voyager™ and Xenon™ are proven devices that provide consistent reliability over the long term. Not sure which device is right for your environment? View this Scanner Comparison Guide.


Battery-Free Cordless Imaging Scanner

The Xenon™ 1902g-bf cordless area-imaging scanner, powered by super-capacitors, eliminates the need for a battery, which is good for you, and great for the environment. This device can scan over 450 barcodes on a single charge, and can be recharged in less than 60 seconds via a powered USB port.

  • Great for the heavy lifter, packing stations and 2-4 bay shipping/receiving warehouses
  • Eliminates time, expense, hassle, and environmental impact of battery-powered scanners
  • Fully charged in less than a minute

Wearable Bar Code Scanners

If a productivity boost is what you’re after, then wearable scanners are a great way to keep your workers mobile with the hands-free scanning ability of a wearable device.

  • Picking or Packing Small Parts
  • Handling of Large Packages
  • Sorting
  • Shipment Loading

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner and 8650 Bluetooth® Ring Scanner are reliable, efficient alternatives to handheld scanning. For even greater flexibility with your mobile computing device, Honeywell 75e users can easily add the 8620 wearable ring scanner to transform a handheld computer into one that’s truly hands-free!



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