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Zebra Fixed RFID Reader

Zebra’s FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader is the Answer for High-Volume Environments

Making RFID work in challenging environments

RFID is a great way to automatically track tagged items as they move through your warehouse to the dock doors, but one of the biggest challenges in getting RFID to work well in industrial and high-volume environments has been overcoming errors and bottlenecks.  Errors occur when high volumes of material on a wide variety of pallets, cases, and tagged items are moving through your environment.  It can also be challenging if you have a dense radio frequency environment or challenging materials (i.e., bulky, bagged items, liquid containers, etc.) in your workplace.

FX9600 to the rescue

Zebra’s FX9600 is designed to solve issues with UHF RFID errors and bottlenecks. It offers exceptionally high RF frequency, longer read ranges, and offers the best available accuracy and power in its class. With the FX9600, you can support high throughput applications, even in rugged environments with high RF density and materials that have historically been problematic for RFID signals. It comes in both four-port and eight-port models, so you can potentially cover more dock doors and portals with fewer readers; significantly lowering initial investment costs as well as deployment and management time and costs.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The FX9600 adds additional robustness, with an extremely durable die-cast aluminum housing and IP53 sealing to ensure uptime, even in damp and dusty work environments, with extreme heat or subzero temperatures.  It also offers additional breakthrough technical advantages, including support for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongles, so you can connect it directly and wirelessly to your Wi-Fi network or your Bluetooth-enabled computers and devices. You don’t have to hardwire it, but you still have the option if you want or need to do so.

The FX9600 can also host embedded applications, so data can be parsed directly on the reader. This means your data is processed in real time at the network edge, and the amount of data transmitted to your back-end servers is substantially reduced. This is a nice boon for your network, since it helps increase your available bandwidth and improve overall network performance. Latencies are also reduced, which improves application performance, and it’s now simpler to integrate your data into a wide variety of middleware applications, so you can spend less time and cost on development.

To learn more about the Zebra FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader, contact our RFID experts for pricing, details, and answers to your questions.




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