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Warehouse automation

RFID Real-Time Location Systems


Manufacturing plants and large warehouses find RFID to be a cost effective technology given the real-time visibility of inventory materials, asset locations and movement.


We can help you determine if RFID RTLS is right for you.

For high-value material moving through your warehouse, it’s critical to have:


  • Simplified Processes
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Worker Productivity
  • Employee Safety

In addition to access to real-time visibility of inventory and other assets in your facility, RTLS technology allows you to keep track of anything with an RFID tag on it.  From individual items to cartons, pallets and more, you’ll realize improved efficiencies and better item control.

At Barcom, we understand warehouse workflows and design solutions that incorporate better tracking, management and analysis. That’s why we partner with industry leaders like Zebra Technologies, so we can offer you a total solution that complements your ERP system without compromise.  

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See how easy RTLS set up can be!

From assessment and planning, to design and implementation, Barcom and Zebra are with you from start to finish.  Learn more in this video.

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