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Superior, Affordable, Real-Time Locationing

  • Large Area Monitoring
  • Simplified Item Locationing
  • Precision Asset Tracking
  • Streamlined Operations

RFID technology is transforming businesses just like yours…

RFID is improving operations—from manufacturing, transportation and logistics to healthcare and retail. It’s nearly doubling throughputs, improving inventory control with greater visibility, cutting costs by 50% and achieving 100% ROI in the first year of implementation.

Experience Efficient Track, Trace & Control Processes

Manufacturing plants and large warehouses find RFID to be a cost effective technology given the real-time availability
of inventory material and asset locations and movement.  

Simplified & Improved Processes

Improved Worker Safety & Productivity

Identify Material Movement & Direction of Movement

Pinpoint the location of an item with precision and reliability.

Set Up Is Easy and Requires No Technical Experience.

  1. Measure the Area to be Scanned
  2. Anchor the Poles and Mount the ATR7000 
  3. Power on the Unit and Connect to Secure Wi-Fi Network
  4. Print Tags and Place on Items to be Tracked
  5. Decide Placement of Portal, then Install & Test Portal

One-Year Warranty

With real-time location services (RTLS), you can pinpoint location, movement, and direction of movement at your fingertips.

Eliminating human error and increasing worker productivity can bring dramatic changes to your warehouse. RFID real-time location services (RTLS) may sound like a technology that is out of reach, but today’s innovations are making it affordable with a short return on your investment.

Maximize productivity with the Zebra ATR7000 RTLS Reader throughout your facility:

  • Area Monitoring
  • Overhead Portal
  • Dock Doors
  • Entry/Exit Doors


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