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Vehicle-Mounted Computers for Safe, Efficient Workflows

Every warehouse today is facing pressure to improve efficiency and increase fulfillment speed and accuracy, but those improvements can’t come at the expense of safety or cost-effectiveness. That’s why many of our customers are choosing Zebra vehicle-mounted mobile computers to help create safer and more efficient warehouse workflows, particularly in their forklift operations.

In busy warehouses where forklifts are on the move, vehicle-mounted mobile computers are a great way to give operators access to your warehouse management system (WMS) and other inventory management tools at their fingertips. With the ablity to look up information and process transactions from their seat, they don’t have to leave the forklift cab to access these functions; keeping them safer on the job.

It’s a major improvement for many warehouses who are largely paper-based, manual processes. If goods need to be retrieved or moved with a forklift, an operator not only has to drive the vehicle but often has to get out of the cab to scan barcodes and use a mobile computer to verify correct goods or the right pallet. This process wastes time getting in and out of the cab and juggling scanning or computing devices; moreover, it puts operators at unnecessary risk. When they’re out on a busy warehouse floor instead of sitting safely inside the forklift cab, accidents can happen.

This is why we’ve been helping our warehouse customers deploy or upgrade to Zebra vehicle-mounted mobile computers to keep their operators inside their forklifts with readily accessible apps and tools to manage inventory, scan barcodes, and validate correct picks or inventory movement.

Zebra VC8300 Vehicle-Mount Computer

With a Zebra VC8300 vehicle-mounted mobile computer, for example, a forklift operator has access to a warehouse management system and other business applications at their fingertips with a built-in touch screen and keyboard. The device can be mounted in virtually any vehicle using custom mounting solutions and retractable cords and power supplies. There’s even a quick-release mount available, so the mobile computer can be easily removed when needed.

Zebra’s vehicle-mounted computers can also be paired easily and nearly instantaneously with long-range corded and cordless 1D and 2D barcode scanners, so operators can scan barcodes and verify pallets or goods without leaving the cab. There’s also a CB-style push-to-talk microphone available for voice communications.  This configuration allows forklift operators to stay in the cab; use long-range barcode scanners to scan barcodes without leaving the vehicle; and validate picking, inventory movement, and putaway more efficiently.

Streamline Warehouse Workflows

Warehouse workflows also benefit from the VC8300’s simplified Android touch screen mobile computing. The touch screen makes using business apps and completing mobile tasks as easy as tapping a button on the screen, and the integrated keyboard ensures that operators still have the option to enter data via a virtual on-screen keyboard or a physical keypad.

The Zebra VC8300 is a super-rugged device built for both indoor and outdoor environments, and can take a beating in warehouse operations. But if you somehow manage to damage the screen or keyboard, either of these items can be replaced in the field, without taking your device out of service.  The VC8300 is also a high-powered device with 8-core processing and up to 8 times the RAM and 32 times the Flash memory of previous generation mobile computers. It delivers all the computing power and memory to run even the most resource-intensive business apps

By combining this level of computing power with touch-enabled mobile efficiency and the ability to scan barcodes without leaving a forklift, it creates an all-in-one solution for fast, accurate, and safer fulfillment. We’ve seen these results first-hand among our customers who’ve been delighted with their experience with the VC8300.

To learn more about the advantages of Zebra vehicle-mounted computers and how to integrate them in your warehouse operations, contact our experts at Barcom to get specs, pricing, and answers to your questions.





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