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Why Updated Technology Isn’t Overrated

Technology is changing faster than ever before, with innovations of all kinds being thrown our way. The Internet of Things has enabled us to do so much more with fewer gadgets, saving effort, time and money. In an industrial environment, it’s critically important to have the right device for the job. This is evident in all areas of the workflow; from finding the right inventory location and picking parts for pending orders, to packing and shipping the right products.

For very small organizations with limited order requirements, handling these functions may not necessitate sophisticated technology. Businesses that have experienced continued steady growth, however, or maybe even rapid growth over a short period of time, realize how important technology is when it comes to getting things right.

Often times the realization kicks in when things start to go wrong. When customer satisfaction levels start to dip, that’s typically when companies attempt to make change. Whether you’re fielding complaints about delayed shipments, order fulfillment errors, shipping errors or paying too much in expedite fees, the customer is always right; and your competition is ready to make a move. Finding the root of the problem and taking steps toward improving the workflow process is a great step in the right direction.

Value of Technology
Making the transition from a manual, paper-based process to one that can help you automate processes is an investment – in both time and money. However, from the testimonials we’ve received from our customers, taking steps to institute bar code data collection automation solutions can mean a boon for business. Here’s a sample of what some of our customers have experienced after working with Barcom to solve their workflow challenges:

• Ability to see complete inventory online in seconds; variance rate dropped to zero
• Labor savings achieved by replacing data entry efforts with faster, more accurate bar code scanning
• Anywhere, anytime review of where plant inventory is located
• Substantial financial savings and operational efficiencies in as much as 24 months and some realizing it in as little as 2 months
• Finding the material in the right place reduced labor costs by 20%
• Late shipments reduced ~18% per year based on the efficiencies gained in order picking and packing

Getting from Point A to Point B
Although your budget may not allow you to do a complete overhaul of your warehouse operations, you can make quite an impact by evaluating where the need is greatest and starting from there. This will make the transition to technology (or to an upgraded technology) a lot smoother for all involved; especially your users. Consider selecting a process where the profitability has declined, or where the labor hours have been inching up – or maybe just the root of most customer complaints. From there, find a solution provider with warehouse expertise who can help you align the right software and hardware with the goals you wish to achieve.

If you’ve already automated much of your operations, but feel your technology is holding you back from achieving greater profitability or gaining a better competitive position (whether it’s just old technology or you’re spending more on repairs than it would cost to buy new), then consider reading some of our recent blogs about the types of technology that are best suited for an industrial environment.
We can help you make those tough decisions without all the headaches. We even offer worry-free leasing programs that make it easy on your budget. Contact us today to schedule a call with one of our experts who can help guide you in the right direction.


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