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The Evolution of Warehouse Operations

There has been a significant shift over the last decade with respect to demand fulfillment.  As consumers, we’ve become less patient and not willing to wait more than a couple of days to receive an order or pay more than we must when there are so many options available to us.  This on-demand economy has caused a change in the way organizations manage workflows in order to satisfy customer need and provide an outstanding experience.

From people to processes, the challenge is on to build work teams and workflows that allow us to increase capacity, improve productivity and collect as much data as possible to remain ahead of the competition.  At Barcom, we accept that challenge by working with technology leaders who focus on ways to bring technology into the workforce and make tasks less fatiguing, processes more accurate, and data easier to collect.

Zebra’s Charge in Today’s Workplace
Zebra has been a leader in innovation and expertise; designing and manufacturing solutions to minimize complexity and maximize profitability in the warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing facilities.  Their most recent efforts to make the connection between workers and devices with end-to-end solutions has allowed thousands of organizations to make better decisions, operate with near perfect accuracy and put the customer front and center with experiences that keep them coming back.

Solutions that empower employees are going to make workers better at what they do, improve morale and motivate them to provide an outstanding customer experience.  Zebra helps make this happen by providing purpose-driven technology to the market.  This includes:

  • Rugged devices designed to withstand the rigors of an industrial environment
  • Opportunities to tie data into the daily workflow, enabling real-time decision making
  • A shift to mobile operations where workers are no longer tethered to a workstation
  • The power of smart devices, including industrial bar code printers, to reduce the burden on IT

What this means for your business
These technologies, whether designed into a handheld mobile computer or 2D bar code scanner, a forklift mobile computer or even a bar code label printer, are manufactured to bring ease into the workflow.  These solutions offer businesses increased visibility into their operations and allow them to more easily analyze trends and anticipate customer needs; resulting in better decision-making abilities based on real-time data.

Empowerment is what helps organizations boost worker productivity, achieve goals and satisfy customers.  Barcom’s role as solution provider means you’re not in this alone, and nearly three decades of industry experience means we’re here to guide you along the way, regardless of changes in the industry, technologies or platform.  The focus is on what your business needs, and how we can satisfy those requirements.

To learn more about Zebra’s direction and the reasons behind their approach, click here.


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