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 Barcode and RFID Tracking System

Maintain better control of sensitive materials

Maintaining quality control with real-time information right down to lot level and item level detail allows for better overall management and quality of inventory assets, not to mention protection of your brand, your suppliers and customers.

Track & Trace controls in place offer:

  • Improved quality operations
  • Better tracking of items to control release of expired products
  • Improvements to prevent counterfeit materials and the
  • More robust security measures

Factory, Warehouses, Field Service barcode tracking system

Don’t risk non-compliance; Track & Trace Solutions provide:

  • Real-time visibility to inventory, components and raw materials
  • Traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Reporting tools for better management and collaboration
  • Better control and confidence when issues arise
  • Efficient containment and clarification of at-risk product

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