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Creating Supply Chain Efficiency with RFID

With RFID technology, you can track and analyze your entire supply chain with greater ease.  Quickly identify missing inventory, lot trace, and keep track of goods and materials without having to manually scan a barcode or count on employee memory to perform daily tasks.

Benefits of RFID Technology

Get access to data in real-time.

Data-driven decisions are smarter decisions.  Getting the most up-to-date, accurate information is the best way to establish stronger planning and operating strategies.  Real-time data collection provides valuable information that aids the analysis

Increase operating efficiency.

RFID does not require line-of-sight scanning like barcode scanning does.  Instead, a reader located in an entry way will automatically read one or more RFID tags as the items pass through the entry point.  This means workers are more efficient because workflows are continuous without having to stop and scan.

Improve day-to-day accuracy.

RFID also enables greater accuracy with the ability to read tags without human intervention. Manual data entry can be riddled with errors in one form or another.  Barcode scanning is much more accurate than manual entry, but human error is still possible due to the nature of having to actually scan the barcode in order for the code to be read.

RFID Technology for a Better User Experience

    Worker Productivity

    Hands-Free operation enables greater worker productivity (especially for forklift or other warehouse and distribution center vehicle operators)
    Minimal contact with equipment and items can reduce spread of germs
    Employees feel empowered; time no longer spent searching for items that aren’t in correct location
    Yard management becomes more efficient when items are easily located


    Automated reporting minimizes guesswork and creates a paper trail
    Reduce theft and lost inventory or assets (check-in and check-out of equipment, employee tracking, or consumption of supplies in an unsupervised storage location, for example)
    Reduce instances of buying material already in inventory


    Field proven technology utilizes widely available hardware (printers, readers, tags)
    Combine RFID with barcode scanning (labels that have both RFID and printed codes) to improve downstream manufacturing or downstream logistics processes
    Your choice of industry-leading, trusted devices and supplies offering optimal performance


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