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Sizing Up Shipping Cost Accuracy with Auto-Dimensioning

For most warehouses, shipping costs are the bane of their existence. In addition to rising costs in general, accuracy of manually-measured packages is often…well…not accurate — resulting in shipping chargebacks (the balance due from carriers). This can negatively impact the bottom line over time and eat away at margins. With constantly rising costs, it’s more important than ever to get a hold on shipping charges and find new ways to improve efficiency in the warehouse.

Consider auto-dimensioning
Fast, accurate fulfillment is a critical factor in the success of any warehouse or distribution center. The increase in demand from customers (particularly in e-commerce), coupled with faster shipping expectations, make prompt order processing and delivery a requirement if you want to remain competitive. These demands mean a need for increased worker productivity and accuracy. As technology has evolved over the years, we’ve seen the difference automation makes – bar code automation, for example, has dramatically improved warehouse and DC processes. From increased inventory accuracy, to improved picking and packing operations, thousands of businesses are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result of automating processes and keeping costs under control.

Benefits of Auto-Dimensioning

Auto-dimensioning is another way to help improve operating efficiency. This technology is an electronic device that instantly measures the dimensions of an object. It’s a fixed unit, typically positioned in a stand to make it easy to measure a package. Connected to a host computer, the solution software integrates into most systems to simplify the shipping process. Auto-dimensioning has been around for years, but historically has been out-of-reach for most companies, with costs for a system in the $10,000 range. However, today’s more affordable solutions, like Honeywell’s AutoCube 8200, make it doable for any business.

On top of the benefits of package dimensioning accuracy, an auto-dimensioning tool offers an impressive ROI through:

• Better utilization of warehouse space
• Increased worker productivity
• Improved shipping cost accuracy
• Reduction of non-compliance fees and reduced shipping chargebacks

Why AutoCube?

The AutoCube is an affordable way to automate an otherwise manual process of measuring package dimensions. At the process level, it simplifies operations for the user. In the warehouse, for example:

• Measuring packages with a tape measure can take 20 seconds or so per item, not to mention the data entry process, which can easily be prone to human error.
• The ability to gather dimensioning data allows for more accurate packing of trucks/trailers and allows workers to build pallet loads more effectively.
• It’s simpler to accurately invoice customers, reduce chargebacks and more easily follow customer compliance rules.

Compared to other auto-dimensioning devices on the market, the AutoCube is not only less expensive, but it can handle larger packages, it was designed to withstand the harsh environment of a warehouse (higher IP rating and wider temperature range than its competitors), there’s no external power needed, and it checks calibration each time a package is scanned (other devices on the market require operator intervention to measure calibration).

What are you waiting for?

Investing in an automated dimensioning solution like Honeywell’s AutoCube can help efficiently streamline the shipping process, reduce errors associated with manually measuring packages, and bring greater overall efficiency to the warehouse with improved performance, greater utilization of space and better service to your customers.

To get your warehouse in ship-shape with this and other warehouse-optimizing technologies, contact us today to schedule a warehouse assessment and we’ll help recommend the right tools for your business.


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