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Our solutions enable workforce empowerment; from integrated voice-and-data communications to mobile printing, bringing your team to the point-of-work with access to real-time inventory and information they need to get the job done.

Where’s My Stuff?

transaction is a software tool developed to help you keep track of your valuable assets, including people, inventory, and company equipment. Maintain better control of labor hours and maximize the life of company property with an application designed to save you time and money.

Manage Inventory, Quality, Customer Service

transaction software offers a variety of modules to work every corner of your organization:

Inventory Control & Warehouse Management

Production Reporting

Label Printing & Compliance Labeling

Asset Tracking

Shop Floor Control

Labor Management & Time/Attendance

This highly configurable software tool can be configured to work with your business rules, and maintain the terminology and language native to your organization. Our software engineers can manage any level of customization you require; or, if you have an internal team, you can customize it on your own. With transaction, you get the best of both worlds with a solution tailored to meet your needs — at an affordable price.

Choose from any of the following modules in transaction Mobile and transaction GP to increase the power of this application:

transaction GP

Provides a sound and productive front end to Dynamics GP for both inventory and production. With a tight integration into GP, transaction GP allows for the productivity of a data collection system while maintaining the system integrity and rules associated with GP.

transaction Basic Inventory

The basic inventory module provides for tracking of inventory with receipts, inventory moves, issues, adjustments and physical counts.

transaction Advanced Inventory

The advanced inventory module enhances the basic inventory module with the addition of kitting, purchase order receipts, vendor returns, cycle counts, picking and ship confirmations.

transaction Production

The production module provides tracking on the shop floor, including: serialized production, sub-assemblies, kitting, receipts to production, production line management, tracking of WIP, and more.

For more information on our transaction suite of software tools, please download our datasheet or contact us.

Satisfied transaction customers say:

1.9 million picking operations with fewer than 200 pick errors.

RockTenn Retail Solutions has been a transaction user since 2008. Our Link PerfectPak™ system is powered by the transaction core framework. Utilizing this system, we have achieved 100% order fill rate, and since implementing transaction, RockTenn Retail Solutions has performed over 1.9 million picking operations with fewer than 200 pick errors or 99.999% pick accuracy.

– M. Miller – Director, IT Retail Solutions

With transaction, things changed dramatically.

Before installing transaction, everything was counted and inventoried manually. We used paper and pencil to record receiving, put away and shipments, which were then entered into a computer. We had many variances and delays due to this process, and didn’t have visibility to see what was stored where. With transaction, things changed dramatically. We can see our complete inventory online in seconds, our variance rate dropped to zero and we experienced labor savings when we no longer needed dedicated data entry personnel. The program is very easy to operate; which reduced training time for our team. Our customers enjoy it as well because they can see their inventory in real-time, 24/7. In addition, the ability to connect to Great Plains has simplified our billing, allowing us to set up charges for the week with the push of a button.

– H. Wilkinson – Supply Chain Manager

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