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RFID Network Deployment Services

We take our line of work very seriously

Managing and deploying new hardware can be overwhelming. Whether it’s 10 units or 10,000, Barcom’s set-up and deployment team help offload the work by configuring and/or deploying your new hardware so it’s ready to go for your users. This includes software installation, set-up, custom configurations and even on-site or online user training. Whether it’s one location or multi-sites across the nation, we ensure that your equipment is ready to go when and how you need it.

Access to expert technical engineers


Increase user confidence


Reduce downtime


Simplify with a single solution provider


Our trained installation technicians work on their own or by your side to provide the expertise needed to configure:

  • Mobile Computers
  • Vehicle-Mount Computers
  • Fixed-Mount Bar Code Scanners
  • Handheld Bar Code Scanners
  • Bar Code Label Printers
  • Wireless Networks
  • RFID Installations
  • …and more

Save time and eliminate errors when you put Barcom to work for you.

  • Kitting of components
  • Unpacking, testing and inspecting equipment
  • Charging batteries on mobile devices or other hardware
  • Loading application software and network settings for easy integration
  • Other installation or configuration requirements


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