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Need a better way to manage bar code equipment in your warehouse?

Explore the benefit of Barcom Service Plans.

If your organization is like many others, you probably have a wide variety of devices to manage.  From handheld scanners and mobile computers to bar code label printers and RFID equipment, the amount of time and attention needed to manage and maintain all of these devices can be time consuming for your internal IT team.

Minimize downtime and protect your technology investment.

Barcom service plans alleviate the pressure of your team having to know all there is to know about your bar coding equipment, and allow you to more easily predict costs associated with downtime.  With three levels of service to satisfy a range of needs, you can choose the option that most closely matches your ongoing needs and requirements.

When you incorporate a service plan into your device strategy, you get results:

Challenge: Managing the repair and maintenance on a wide range of device types.
Service Plan Benefit: Barcom Service Plans help you manage costs by offering predictability of repairs, including important updates and bulletins issued by the manufacturer(s).
Challenge: Achieving low cost of ownership on computer hardware.
Service Plan Benefit: In a rugged warehouse, your bar code scanners, printers, mobile computers and vehicle-mount computers take a lot of abuse.  Multiple users, long shifts and drops to concrete can take a toll on your devices.  With the support of a service plan, we help you more easily maintain your equipment and provide guidance that will assist you in getting more life out of each device.  This includes applicable software updates to keep your device working at an optimal level.
Challenge: Avoiding extensive downtime.
Service Plan Benefit: The cost of rectifying a device failure is more than just the cost of repair.  Downtime contributes, in large part, to the overall cost of repair and maintenance due to the inability to perform tasks at full capacity.  Barcom Service Plans provide fast turnaround and constant communication to set expectations and keep you informed until your device(s) is repaired and returned to you.


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