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Consider Outsourcing Deployment Services

Rolling out new hardware can be daunting. It’s not only overwhelming for a small IT department, but configuring, maintaining and managing equipment is an ongoing task that can easily drain limited resources. Outsourcing part or all of the installation and deployment process can help relieve IT resources that are better served in other parts of the business. Our hardware and software expertise allow us the ability to get the job done quickly – and efficiently – for you.


At Barcom, we strive to provide the best out-of-box experience possible. We configure your devices exactly the way you need them, so they are ready to go with your wireless settings, applications, emulations and more. This means when you receive your equipment, most of the time all it requires is powering up the device and scanning a custom bar code we provide (for bar code equipment) so you’ll be up and running in no time.

Your Role
We work hard to prepare your equipment, so you don’t have to. Typically, we ask a few simple questions based on what type of work we’re doing for your organization. Examples of information we would need to properly set up your network and devices include:

  • Your host IP address
  • Your SSID / default gateway
  • Your current wireless settings
  • Which bar codes you currently use
  • A list of all the applications you are using (we will pre-load them if applicable)
  • Whether or not you’re using terminal emulation (we will set it to auto-connect to your terminal emulation server)


Whether you have 1 unit or a 100, pre-configuration of scanning devices and mobile computers can be cumbersome and time consuming for your internal team. A convenient way to get what you need, where you need it, is to have your equipment pre-configured before it arrives at your location. This is ideal for organizations with limited IT staff, multiple locations and/or remote users.

Our Configuration & Staging group makes sure that you have everything you need for out-of-box deployment. We’ll load your applications, configure the devices exactly the way you want them, and even provide instructions and provide fully-charged batteries for your wireless devices. We also drop ship to the designated locations to further simplify the process.


Is IT resource limited in your organization? You’re not alone. Our configuration services can alleviate the headaches that come with managing a fleet of network devices.

Mobile Device Service

    • Using SOTI Mobile Device Management software, we can remotely trouble shoot issues and failures to save you time and money.
    • Sending devices in for repair? Get back up and running faster with our remote management service. We provision your bar code printers, bar code scanners and mobile computers so when they are returned to you from repair you can get them back into circulation quickly with a quick scan of a few bar codes that we provide.
    • Is your wireless network performance less than stellar? Consider a partner who has been working with customers like you for over 25 years. We understand your environment and can recommend the proper equipment to make your network service more reliable. Our remote management service can also help troubleshoot your wireless connectivity issues.


Your warehouse is unique in every way, so why should your network be any different? When the wireless network is not performing adequately, employees get frustrated, senior management gets frustrated, and productivity declines. Many organizations end up spending a lot of money on general-purpose IT consultants, only to find they are not familiar with special requirements of operating a network in a warehouse environment.

Along with network performance is security of data, which needs top attention when your network is being configured. At Barcom, our goal is to get your network to perform as flawlessly and securely as possible. We will work with you to:

  • Jointly determine security requirements
  • Set up your wireless network to be as secure as possible
  • Make sure you’ve got the latest updates
  • Address security concerns with your Android devices, and make sure you’re running the latest updates on your devices

Looking to improve network performance in your warehouse or distribution center? Schedule an appointment today to find out how we can help.


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