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RFID and Barcode consulting services

Looking to upgrade your RF network? Need help figuring out the best mobile device for your workforce?

We can help.

In a world where technology innovations are constant, you need a solution provider that can help make informed decisions that will keep you ahead of the competition.

We are experts in bar code automation and RFID solutions, partnering with leading manufacturers in the industry to bring you the very best solutions for your warehouse, plant, field service operations, distribution center and more. Our technical consultants can help you drive business growth by recommending efficiencies that improve processes, empower employees and keep costs under control.

Get the advice you need. Without all the overhead.

Our consultants are industry veterans, technical engineers, programmers and network specialists who thrive in the warehouse, on the factory floor and out in the field. They can provide you with specialized expertise because they focus solely on businesses just like yours. You won’t get that from your local IT consultant.

Here are a few examples of the challenges we’ve solved using our knowledge and expertise:

PROBLEM: Customer was unhappy with existing RF infrastructure installed by local IT professionals; they were experiencing dead spots and poor performance in several areas around the warehouse.
RESOLUTION: Appropriate placement and correct hardware for a challenging environment like a warehouse is critical for optimal RF performance. For this customer, Barcom conducted a site survey, accounting for high ceilings, tall racks and machinery. User training, best practices and recommendations for correct utilization of 802.11 a/b/g/n, placement of access points and antennas and proper signal strength for mobile devices got them up and running in no time.
PROBLEM: Customer was incurring a high rate of charge backs from their customers due to mis-shipments. This ranged from the wrong parts being packed in the right carton, the right carton going to the wrong location, and all combinations in between. There was no way for workers to confirm in real-time that they were picking/packing/shipping the order correctly.
RESOLUTION: Barcom designed and implemented a bar code scanning solution to ensure items ordered were being packed and shipped to the right customer.   This also included a printed carton label that would include customer-supplied information. The combination of handheld scanners, fixed mount scanners, mobile computers, EDI, host interfaces and label printing improved the process dramatically.
PROBLEM: Customer had a problem with quality and their customers were taking notice. They had been quoted a very large and elaborate automated system to improve their processes, but the cost was too overwhelming.
RESOLUTION: Barcom conducted a process review to determine their immediate needs on the shop floor.   A phased plan enabled them to significantly increase quality and improve customer satisfaction. The solution included color sensors, measurement sensors, scales, automated bar code scanning and PLC interfaces.
PROBLEM: Customer’s manufacturing and warehousing facilities were surveyed for RF coverage using a laptop and a mobile phone as the mobile device. But when mobile terminals were mounted on fork lifts, they experienced a number of failures that were not detected during the survey.
RESOLUTION: Fork lifts moving at 10 mph respond much differently than a static laptop. Barcom’s team of experts performed a new survey, made recommendations for equipment moves, changed configurations and settings, and had the operation running smoothly in no time.

Automating manual processes

If you’re still using manual processes to run your warehouse, it’s likely that you’ve struggled to reduce errors and control operating costs. You’ve probably even thought about bar code data collection, but weren’t really sure where to start. Whether you’re planning for business growth or just want to improve the quality of your business processes, you can benefit from implementing bar code technology in your warehouse. From down-to-the-last detail asset tracking to efficient pick, pack and ship operations, the return on investment is high when your employees are able to carry out their activities more swiftly and accurately.

Schedule a warehouse evaluation today to learn how you can improve processes and exceed customer expectations.


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