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RFID for Better Asset Management & Worker Safety

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about radio frequency identification (RFID). It has potential applications in a wide variety of industries and use cases, but cost has sometimes been an obstacle. Let’s take a look at RFID and how manufacturers, warehouses, and other businesses are using it to save millions of dollars by protecting enterprise assets and saving lives.

RFID: A Quick Summary
RFID allows virtually any item to be tagged and tracked using a small tag equipped with a wireless antenna. Once the tag is scanned, the reader can automatically retrieve additional information about the item by comparing its ID with data stored in a database. Information is stored in a database and tied to a unique identifier in the item’s RFID tag, so no sensitive information is stored in the tag itself. RFID offers several advantages over bar code labeling. Perhaps the biggest benefit is its remote scannability. Workers don’t have to have access to a visible bar code label or be in close proximity to the item to scan it.

When using a fixed RFID reader, workers don’t have to be involved at all. Items can be scanned automatically as they enter or leave particular locations and pass through a portal equipped with a fixed reader.  Read how one Barcom customer did just that.

Using Fixed RFID for Enterprise Asset Management
Tagging and tracking expensive equipment is a great way to prevent theft and maximize the value of your enterprise assets. Using RFID tags and fixed readers placed at facility entrances and exits, you can automatically track any asset as it enters or leaves the building. You can even configure automatic alerts and emails to be triggered if an item is removed from your facility or moved to an unauthorized area.  Fixed RFID can save hours of time wasted on searching for items, and it maximizes the value of your assets by minimizing the need to buy duplicate equipment. Instead, your assets can be easily moved and shared.

Using Fixed RFID for Worker Safety
Fixed RFID can also be used to automatically track the movement of workers into and out of restricted areas, and it can be used to verify their location in the event of an emergency.  Equipped with security badges containing RFID tags, as workers pass through doorways or portals equipped with fixed RFID readers, their identity and location can be tracked automatically using the tag and a secure database. You can also enforce access restrictions and monitor movement into and out of restricted or hazardous areas.

For disaster planning or in the event of an emergency, you can also consult the latest RFID tracking data to verify the current location of all of your workers. Knowing this at an instant allows you to account for all personnel, enables safe evacuations, and can be the difference between life and death.

Evaluating RFID for Your Business
If you’d like to protect and maximize the value of your enterprise assets or take a crucial step to improve worker safety and security, RFID is a technology you should definitely consider. At Barcom, we can help you evaluate RFID for your business and provide a free site survey and consultation.

We also partner with leaders like Zebra Technologies, to provide mobile and fixed RFID readers as well as RFID printers to power systems that will save you money and protect your workers with world-class locationing and tracking.

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