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Industry Tips, Hints and Other Useful Info

On this page you will find practical advice, useful recommendations and industry insight to help you to continually improve your processes and ultimately increase the success of your operations.  From product information, to application one-sheets and whitepapers, we will work to bring you valuable information from the best leaders in the industry.

Cognex Whitepaper: Introduction to Industrial Barcode Reading

Cognex is offering this must read for anyone starting out in factory automation and logistics, as well as seasoned technicians and facility managers looking to stay current on the latest industry trends. You’ll read about many topics including:

  • Industry terminology
  • 1-D and 2-D code symbologies
  • Code marking and printing methods
  • Laser scanners vs. image-based barcode readers
  • Important considerations when selecting a barcode reader

Download this valuable barcode whitepaper now!


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