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Explore the many options offered from leading manufacturers in the industry and learn more about how our help with planning, deployment, managed services and installation can get you up and running without the headaches of going it alone.


Does RFID Technology Leave You Puzzled?

The increasing complexity of your operations require accurate, real-time data. RFID technology allows you to achieve maximum visibility of inventory and assets with increased accuracy and efficiency across the enterprise. Download this RFID One Sheet and learn more about the advantages of RFID, why demand for this technology dramatically increased in recent years, and how you can improve supply chain efficiency in your operations.

E-Book: The Perils of Pen and Paper: Improving Healthcare Operations Through Automation

The inherent risks of manual, paper-based processes are magnified in a healthcare setting – particularly when it comes to tracking equipment, supplies and other critical assets. Poor inventory management not only undermines patient care and employee safety, but it also drives costs higher
for hospitals and health systems – many of which operate on the thinnest of margins. Already facing unprecedented financial challenges due to the pandemic, healthcare providers can ill-afford to absorb the costs of lost, stolen or hoarded drugs, supplies and biological samples Download our e-book now to learn more.

E-Book: Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Warehouse workers are responsible for scanning and tracking products from pallets on the floor to shelves 30’ high. This often requires multiple devices to capture both close up barcodes and those high up or farther away. Accurately and efficiently scanning barcodes is a significant determining factor in the success of operations.  See how modern technology from Honeywell combined with Barcom’s software and solution savvy can help you overcome obstacles in your warehouse. Download our e-book now to learn more.

E-Book: Real-Time Location Systems: A Timely Solution for Today’s Supply Chain Demands

To achieve real-time inventory visibility with maximum efficiency, you need a way to identify, locate, and track assets remotely and automatically.  In our e-book, you’ll learn how RTLS (real-time location systems) work, and the benefits it can bring to the efficiency, safety and profitability of your organization.  Download our e-book now.

Real-Time Supply Chain Locating & Traceability

Need a more efficient way to track assets and inventory moving through your supply chain? Zebra’s ATR7000 real-time location system (RTLS) and Barcom’s Transaction™ software enable automated tracking and locating of inventory, equipment, and other assets in real time. See how the technology works in our infographic.


When you have the right solution in place, efficiency is easy. Consider the power of 2.  Keep productivity up and workers mobile with a rugged device that plays all day.  The Honeywell CK65 Mobile Computer, paired with Barcom’s transACTION warehouse automation software, is designed for the demands of today’s operations, with flexibility of the mobile worker at the forefront.  Check out all the advantages in our infographic.

Are Your Mobile Workers Ready for the Future?

Microsoft’s end-of-life of its operating system for mobile handhelds is in motion. Extended support is no longer available, leaving your devices open to security risks. Consider updating your devices now. Learn more about the advantages of implementing modern technology in your warehouse in this infographic.

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GO Zebra Trade-In Program

It’s time for an upgrade! By purchasing one of Zebra’s eligible products and trading in an old unit, you could earn a rebate of up to $600.

Barcom Corporate Overview

From the warehouse, to the factory floor or out in the field, we design and deliver automated solutions that enable you to work more efficiently, increase profitability and provide outstanding customer service.


As a full-service solution provider, we take the hassle out of the configuration, deployment, management and service of data collection hardware. Choose the service plan that works best for you and save money, time and hassle for your IT team and users.


Looking for a particular product or manufacturer? Find it here. Get it here.


It takes more than just hardware and software to optimize your operations. You need an expert who understands your environment and your unique requirements. Download our Tech Services datasheet for a snapshot of services we offer.


Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. We can customize your application so it works the way you do. Only better.


Barcom has extensive experience in interfacing to host systems. Our transACTION software typically performs tasks such as inventory control, warehouse management, shop floor control, shipping validation, front-end ERP, WMS, Accounting and similar systems. This document offers a sampling of interfaces we offer.


The right Transportation Management System (TMS) can help you improve fleet performance, reduce expenditures and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Want our back story? We’re proud to share it with you. Our knowledge and expertise is what’s made us so successful in our field. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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