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Efficient Processes = Happy Customers

Our biggest referral source just happens to be our very own customers. From deployment of bar code scanners and printers to eliminate manual processes, to design and installation of wireless networks that survive dark corners and tall shelves, read all about improvements, cost savings and happy customers.

Modernizing Operations

Beaver Paper was determined to implement an automated system that would reduce overhead expenses and eliminate costly mistakes in their operations. With Barcom’s help, they were able to improve processes and streamline workflows.  Read more

Receiving Process

Coastal Construction Products’ receiving process was very time consuming.  With Barcom’s help, Coastal integrated the Android operating system into their existing ERP system along with new, more modern barcoding equipment to streamline the process and reduce receiving errors.  Read more

Materials Management

As Siskin experienced increased growth, tracking and managing a growing inventory of materials became more difficult to perform using a paper-based process. Although their team was working faster to get product out the door, mistakes were slowing them down. See how Barcom’s barcode automation solution turned their business around. Read more

Inventory Management

For McLaughlin, Barcom’s transACTION software and the implementation of mobile computing devices allow them to pursue a business model of manufacturing and distribution without all the paperwork, productivity gaps and unexpected expenses. See how Barcom helped them streamline processes in this customer case study. Read more

Inventory Track & Trace

Producing food and beverage products can be challenging.  Food safety regulations, maintaining compliance, and product shelf-life all rely on efficient systems to keep everything in check.  See how this producer gave processes a boost with an automated data collection solution. Read more

Order Management & Fulfillment

This growing business was working hard to keep up the pace, but manual processes related to order management and fulfillment were not only affecting productivity goals but accuracy as well. Read more

Industrial Bar Code Printing

Order Fulfillment & Bar Code Label Printing Automation

WEGMANN not only needed a way to automate the labor-intensive labeling work, but also needed a more efficient way to track inventory, easily locate product, and streamline the picking, packing and shipping process.  Read more

Hands-Free Bar Code Automation

Hands-Free Bar Code Automation

On the recommendation of Honeywell partner Barcom, a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based provider of warehouse data collection solutions, tested the 8670 wireless ring scanner from Honeywell.The Honeywell 8670 wireless ring scanner turned an ROI for the company in less than three weeks.  Read more

Inventory Tracking Case Study

Inventory Tracking Solution

With the majority of inventory management processes handled manually, EP Minerals had difficulty being able to quickly find and track inventory. Their labeling process was extremely time consuming, and inventory locations were not properly labeled. They had a lot of places inventory could hide; if product was missing, the likelihood of finding it was slim. Read more

Order Tracking & Inventory Visibility Customer Case Study

Order Tracking & Inventory Visibility

As with any organization experiencing rapid growth, what once was a reliable workflow process was quickly outgrown due to high demand.  Tracking product became a challenge; without serialization of parts and finished goods, they had difficulty matching up product that left the dock with their respective orders. Read more

RFID Technology Customer Case Study

RFID Technology

Inventory management became a challenge for this fast-growing pecan cleaning plant.  They lacked the ability to track their inventory of pecans; this included type, originating farm, inventory location, and lot.  They needed a better way to manage it overall, and Barcom had the solution. Read more

How an RFID Solution Meant Compliance For Auto Supplier

A compliance solution was needed for a supplier to the automotive industry. The auto maker supplies thousands of copper racks used in the process. The supplier is required to provide specific information about the racks, but it was not easy to obtain using the existing process. Read more

Just In Time: How One Auto Supplier Improved Kanban Process with transACTION

Without a way to verify accuracy, users were occasionally scanning the same label twice or even scanning the wrong manufacturer label. This resulted in the wrong parts leaving the shipping dock, or the right parts in the wrong tote, which would not be identified by the customer until they needed to pull the parts for manufacturing. Shiroki needed a reliable way of ensuring that users were pulling the correct parts assigned to each tote. Read More

Kenco and Barcom Team Up … One Warehouse at a Time.

Processing over $10K in orders per day, struggling with paper-based processes and outdated hand-held and truck-mounted equipment, Kenco called on BARCOM to evaluate the current process of this retailer, and offer recommendations for equipment and process improvements. Read More

25 Tips for an Efficient Warehouse

We have learned a lot over the past 25 years, especially when it comes to helping customers improve warehouse efficiency. Our “25 Tips for an Efficient Warehouse” document is a fun collection of small steps that can yield big results. Read More


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