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Whether you’re looking for advice on best practices in your industry, doing research on the latest technology, or just looking for ways to improve existing processes, our blog articles help educate and enlighten with tips to increase efficiency and help streamline operations. Bookmark this page and return often!

Honeywell’s Most Durable Handheld …. Ever.

Last month we wrote about the Honeywell Dolphin™ CN80 and the benefits it offers in terms of user preferences and flexible options. This month we’re continuing that message and exploring the additional value this mobile computer offers.

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One Device. Many Choices.

Mobile computing in the warehouse has proven to be a substantial part of productivity and operational efficiencies, with more flexibility for workers to do their jobs faster and with increased accuracy. The Honeywell CN80 mobile computer is a great choice for tough environments.

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The Advantages of Honeywell Mobility Edge

There’s no better time than right now to transform your enterprise environment and optimize productivity with interconnected devices that seamlessly integrate workflows, simplify deployments and streamline operations.

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The Evolution of Warehouse Operations

There has been a significant shift over the last decade with respect to demand fulfillment. As consumers, we’ve become less patient and not willing to wait more than a couple of days to receive an order or pay more than we must when there are so many options available to us. This on-demand economy has caused a change in the way organizations manage workflows in order to satisfy customer need and provide an outstanding experience.

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Creating a Connected Workforce

The ability to get information quickly and respond or complete tasks faster and with fewer errors mean workflows will go more smoothly. This includes worker safety as well, particularly with hands-free connected devices. Some examples of functional area improvements include the following

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Revolutionizing E-Commerce Fulfillment

Every e-commerce business that cares about growth and customer satisfaction should be looking at the best ways to improve fulfillment speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Here are 3 technology solutions developed by Zebra to unlock new efficiencies for faster, more accurate fulfillment.

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On-Demand Color Label Printing: Why You Need It

There are many advantages to switching from monochrome to color labels, but there are three benefits in particular that directly affect the bottom line for an organization – including the fact that printing of these labels can be done on demand.

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