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The Value of Real-Time Location Solutions

Lost inventory is often the reason why organizations move to an automated tracking solution. Being unable to locate inventory means it’s not being utilized. Time spent searching for inventory is time that could be otherwise spent picking, packing and shipping orders out the door. RFID real-time location services are ideal for this type of application.

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Ready for a rugged tablet? Here are a few to consider….

Fast-paced operations are in vogue due to customer demands and industry pressures. Organizations are constantly seeking new and different ways to get things done without overspending and under delivering. The explosion of the mobile workforce has dramatically changed the way we do business, and whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or mobile computer, we operate with device-in-hand and keep on moving.

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Transformation of the Field Workforce

The idea of a mobile workforce is not a trend.  It’s part of the digital transformation we’re seeing where digital technology is used to help us to improve worker productivity, ensure greater security of our data and become smarter, more profitable businesses. 

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An Important OS Migration Benefit: Converting Your Green Screens

Now that Microsoft is retiring Windows® for enterprise mobile computing, many companies are taking the opportunity to migrate to a new operating system, namely Android™. There are many great benefits to making this switch, but one big concern for some companies is what will happen to their “green screen” terminal emulation (TE) apps when they migrate to Android. This blog will help you navigate these questions.

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Honeywell New Product Announcements!

Honeywell recently launched two next-generation bar code scanning products that are equally impressive. In this blog we’ll highlight some of the key features of both the Xenon XP handheld area-imaging scanner, and the Dolphin CK65 rugged mobile computer, along with examples of ideal applications for each of these devices.

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4 Key Steps When Migrating from Windows Mobile to Android

In previous blogs we’ve discussed why companies should be considering a switch from Windows handheld operating systems to Android, which has quickly emerged as the enterprise mobile industry’s OS of choice. You can read more in our previous blogs about the reasons why transitioning is important to the future of your operations, but as you begin planning to make the move, there are four key steps you may want to follow:

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Honeywell’s Most Durable Handheld …. Ever.

Last month we wrote about the Honeywell Dolphin™ CN80 and the benefits it offers in terms of user preferences and flexible options. This month we’re continuing that message and exploring the additional value this mobile computer offers.

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One Device. Many Choices.

Mobile computing in the warehouse has proven to be a substantial part of productivity and operational efficiencies, with more flexibility for workers to do their jobs faster and with increased accuracy. The Honeywell CN80 mobile computer is a great choice for tough environments.

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