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Boost Operating Efficiency with Error-Free Barcode Label Printing

Have you ever run into a situation where there was an error on a printed label but it slipped by everyone who handled it because it just wasn’t that obvious? Well, imagine how easy that could happen with a misprinted barcode.

We often hear from customers about situations where they believe that their scanner isn’t working correctly, when in fact the error lies in the label. Although industrial handheld scanners and mobile computers are designed to be robust and able to read labels in all kinds of conditions, when a barcode is printed incorrectly (or the wrong barcode is being printed) it may appear to be invalid when scanned. 

Sometimes it’s not obvious, so the label gets printed, affixed to the box, pallet or shipment and out the door it goes. When this happens, it’s not until the customer tries to receive the shipment that the problem is discovered. At that point it’s possible that you’ll be charged for non-compliance, or at the very least be faced with an unhappy customer and additional time and expense to re-ship with the correct barcode. 
Honeywell’s PX940 industrial barcode printer offers pass/fail and ANSI grades from 1 to 4, and labels that do not meet an established threshold are voided and automatically reprinted. With trends leaning toward printing on smaller and smaller labels, the PX940 has you covered with the ability to print accurately on small labels, literally edge to edge, with little error tolerance.

The PX940 Series takes industrial printing to a new level of accuracy:

• Error-free precision printing
• 100% defect-free labels
• Automatic re-printing of incorrect labels
• No PC required

The PX940 is the only printer on the market with an integrated verifier. An integrated verifier makes it easy to print and verify a variety of labels quickly and accurately, without all the hassle and consumption of resource.

Best environments for the PX940

The PX940 printers work well in the industrial environments for which it was designed. Whether you’re printing labels for healthcare or pharmaceutical products, or even in manufacturing and distribution centers, the PX940 is a work horse. There are also industries like automotive, for example, that are very strict about regulations and adhere to compliance policies. If you support customers who operate in markets that are very regulated, then the PX940 is an ideal device for error-free results every time.

Not in the market for a printer with a verifier? The PX940 is also available without the verifier option, giving you the same high-quality print resolution and reliability you’ve come to expect from today’s industrial devices. Both versions are available with standard features such as Bluetooth® and smart printing capability in which users can configure and fine-tune settings without the need for a host computer.

Find out more about the high-performance Honeywell PX940 industrial printer with integrated label verification technology – and how it can help you eliminate the risk and costs of bad labels.

Learn more about the PX940 in our video, then contact us for details and pricing.


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