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Model: SB1

Configuration Number: SB1B-SE11A0WW
Type: Smart Badges
Manufacturer: Motorola-Symbol
Description: SB1 smart badge, Std, E Ink display, Omni Directional 1D/2D scanning, 802.11 b/g/n, World Wide, Single Pack

Product Description

Help every one of your associates better serve customers with the SB1 Smart Badge. A brand-new category of mobile device, the SB1 is worn around the neck, on a belt or arm and not only allows shoppers to identify associates, but also enables associates to scan bar codes and to answer customer questions on price or inventory. And with a task management application, workers can access their own task list and supervisors can monitor task status — all in real time. The result? More productive associates ready to turn shoppers into buyers.

Purchasing Information

Ideal for retail applications, smart badges can be worn around the neck, attach to a belt or arm, and allow employees to be easily identified by customers and associates. Our smart badges are also capable of scanning bar codes and access task lists that are easily monitored by supervisors.  Smart badges offer increased worker productivity and increased customer satisfaction.  Contact us today for more details on smart badge technology.

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