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Zebra S4M

Zebra LogoS4M00-2001-0100T

Model: S4M

Configuration Number: S4M00-2001-0100T
Type: Printers, Industrial
Manufacturer: Zebra
Description: 203DPI, ZPL, SERIAL, USB, PAR, Thermal Transfer 4MB

Product Description

Whether you’re new to bar coding, upgrading from an older Stripe® or desktop printer, or adding new printers, Zebra’s S4M thermal printer delivers an affordable solution for many labeling requirements.

Designed for the budget-minded, this printer offers you ease of use, the durability of a metal frame/case, and a full 8” media roll capacity that means fewer label changes. The S4M is an outstanding value compared to similar printers in the market.

The S4M printer offers a variety of ways to connect—from serial, parallel, and USB interfaces to internal 10/100 Ethernet or IEEE 802.11b/g—for simple system integration. And it will fit right in with your other Zebra printers because it speaks the same programming languages (ZPL® and EPL™). Plus, Zebra’s APL™ language lets you easily change from other-brand printers to S4M printers without changing your label formats.

Purchasing Information

Let the experts at BARCOM help you find a cost effective printing solution based upon your requirements. Understanding printer location, preferred print technology, and use of bar codes allow us to match the printing solution to your application. We’ll also consider print quality and speed, media costs and durability requirements to ensure you’re choosing the right tool for the job. This will not only have a positive impact on worker productivity and labor costs, but it will increase customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and your bottom line.

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