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Popularity of Android OS in Warehouse

Operating System Flexibility for your Mobile Devices

To remain competitive in business, we want to possess tools that will drive maximum productivity for our workers and optimal performance and output for our customers.  When it comes to mobile computing solutions, we also want the flexibility of a mobile device, but not willing to sacrifice security and reliability.

Considering the familiarity of the OS, it’s no surprise that many companies are leaning toward platforms based on Android, and major industry manufacturers are following suit.  In fact, just recently Honeywell announced a new platform (hardware & software) for their mobile computer offerings.  Called “Mobility Edge,” this platform consists of a suite of tools for technology built for rugged environments like warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants and more.  This includes mobile computers, vehicle mount computers, rugged handhelds and even wearable devices and tablets.

The platform functions on Google’s Android operating system, which is quickly becoming a popular option for use with industrial mobile devices.  The design is virtually future-proof, with the ability to support both current and future Android versions.  For those who are avid Honeywell users, it’s an even better play because it offers a common platform to simplify development, deployment, device management, and upgrades.

New Products on the Edge
Along with the announcement of the Mobility Edge platform, Honeywell also announced the newest member of the Dolphin™ family, the CT60 Handheld Computer, which will be the first to run on Mobility Edge.  The CT60 is designed for transportation and logistics applications; it also offers an extended battery life, high-performance scanning and other productivity features.

Deployment and development costs are a big expense for organizations, so an integrated platform can help control costs and reduce downtime. It can also enhance data collection by making connectivity seamless and secure.  Google is reportedly putting more emphasis on the needs of the enterprise and how they improve capabilities, so that’s good news for the market and good news for Honeywell and other manufacturers that are continuing to develop great products for its customers.

Longer Life Expectations
Considering the cost and effort involved in deploying industrial mobile devices vs. consumer devices, users expect to get more life out of them than ever before – even in a rugged enterprise environment. Where smartphones are being replaced in 2 or 3 years, the expectation for industrial mobile devices is more like 3-5 years.  The flexibility of being able to transition from one operating system to another has also given legs to the longer-life expectation. With each organization’s unique business challenges, it’s comforting to know that there are options that allow you to improve workflow performance without the worry of having to completely uproot existing systems or invest in costly development time and tools.

If you’re concerned about the impending EOL (end of life) of your Windows® device, consider upgrading to one that operates on multiple operating systems.  This will help minimize the overall impact the transition will have on your workforce when the time comes.    Of course, transitioning to Android involves writing new apps, possibly modifying workflows, and training users on new devices, so it can be a lot to manage all at once. Planning now will allow you to continue to use existing applications until you’re ready to make the move. The Honeywell CN75 and CK75 Series mobile computers, along with the Honeywell CN51 mobile computer, are three such devices that can give you that flexibility. You can select the Windows Embedded Handheld option if that’s your OS of choice now, and then work on converting to Android according to your own timeline.

For help working through the logistics of a transition, or to find out more about your options using Android OS in your environment, please contact us.



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