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One Device.  Many Choices.

When it comes to mobile devices, as users we all have our preferences. 

Some like the familiarity of actual keys, and some like the smooth operation of a touchscreen.  Either way, Honeywell gives you the flexibility of both in your warehouse environment when you choose the Dolphin™ CN80 Mobile Computer.

Sometimes it’s not a matter of preference, but more a matter of fact. 

In a cold-storage application, for example, it’s much simpler to use a physical keypad when dealing with gloved hands.  When transaction rates are high, a QWERTY keypad may be much quicker for a user who has been using mobile devices for years, whereas a new user might be more accustomed to an all-touch device similar to a smartphone or tablet.  Either way, it satisfies.

Not unlike other Honeywell mobile computing devices, the CN80 has a lot to offer, particularly in a rugged environment.  Within the warehouse walls or out in the field, there’s something to be said for a slim-lined, user-friendly device that can stand up to the rigors of full-shift operations.

Here are just a few of the reasons why the CN80 mobile computer is a great choice, indoors or out, in the world of warehousing:

  • Ease of Integration Developed with the future in mind, the CN80 was designed on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform to increase flexibility and operational performance for users and IT. Mobility Edge is scalable to grow as you grow and offers years of operations and peace of mind that support is available.
  • Android Enterprise Recommended This Google-led Android Enterprise Recommended program helps businesses select devices that meet their needs, and validates Honeywell’s effort to design mobile computers that meet strict technical specifications and extended lifecycle requirements. This includes support for multiple generations of Android, which is a solid match for devices that last beyond a year or two.
  • Durable in Tough Environments Built to live in a warehouse environment, this mobile computer can stand up to the dust, dirt and drops that are a natural part of the work done in distribution centers, delivery services, logistics and more. Part of this commitment to durability includes a long-life, user-replaceable battery which is increasingly important as these devices are frequently used for GPS, extended talk times and long shifts.
  • Outstanding Scanning Performance The CN80 offers enhanced scanning and data capture options for 1D and 2D scanning requirements, with read ranges of 6 inches out to 50 feet, which is required for most warehouse applications. The optional pistol grip handle provides the flexibility of going from scanning tasks and mobile computing operations in a snap.

One device is all you need

Another plus is the fact that using more than one device to accomplish a task can slow down progress.  A smartphone, handheld scanner and GPS device take the user’s finger off the pulse when they have to fish for the right device, remember how to access information on each one, and keep track of the location of their devices all day long.

For workers on the move, the CN80 helps keep productivity rates high and labor costs under control when you’ve got the advantage of one device that is easy to use, offers a large color screen and choice of keyboard options.  Its lightweight, slim design makes it easy to carry and hold regardless of the user’s hand size.

Seeing is Believing

Contact Barcom today to learn more about this device and see for yourself the impact (and advantage) a device like this can have on your environment.

For more information about Android Enterprise Recommended and the Honeywell devices Google has approved, click here.



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