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Transformation of the Field Workforce

The idea of a mobile workforce is not a trend.  It’s part of the digital transformation we’re seeing where digital technology is used to help us to improve worker productivity, ensure greater security of our data and become smarter, more profitable businesses.  MobiWork is part of this new reality, and this blog will highlight a few of the advantages MobiWork brings to the table.

What is MobiWork? 
MobiWork is a smart-phone based app and cloud-based field services software solution.  The idea behind MobiWork is to bring your employees closer to company data in order to do their jobs more effectively.  It’s all about connections.  Connecting field workers to the home office, and employees to customers, means the flow of information is more streamlined and processes are more efficient. A few of the features of this software solution include:

  • Access to work orders
  • Visibility to work schedules
  • Ability to make last-minute changes
  • GPS navigation to make route planning more efficient

Traditional processes can be cumbersome for workers because there’s usually a piece of information they need on the job or about the account that they don’t have at their fingertips. For example, while a driver is in route to a customer site, the customer calls to cancel the appointment or wants to make a change to the work order.  Without up-to-the-minute information, the driver will waste time traveling to the customer site only to find the customer is not there or needed a part that the worker doesn’t have.  The MobiWork cloud-based solution offers the opportunity to resolve those hiccups by giving workers the visibility, alerts and notifications they need to get the job done correctly.

Along with many fantastic features, MobiWork operates on any mobile device – including mobile computing devices that can scan bar codes to identify equipment, inventory, coupons or other data that needs to be collected in order to complete a task.  Other advantages of using a mobile computer to streamline processes include image capture, video recording, audio notes, signature capture and payment processing.

Bottom Line Benefits 
Let’s face it, paper-based processes are inefficient, and dealing with unhappy customers is the worst!  Today’s customer wants immediate service, with immediate results.  In order to do this well, the enterprise must be able to offer workers the ability to view company and customer data in real time so they can perform, react and resolve in the fastest, most efficient way possible utilizing the most appropriate technician for the job.

And this is not just a benefit for front-line workers, but for administrators and managers too.  Think about the ability to view and track daily route schedules or customer payments and be able to manage inventory on a moment’s notice. The ROI (return on investment) is fast when you can optimize productivity with a click of a button for functions like:

  • Inventory management
  • Track & trace
  • Scheduling
  • Route planning
  • Metrics reporting

This mobile workforce management solution works because it allows you to maintain consistency throughout the organization.  With a software app like MobiWork and a mobile computing device, you can literally transform the way your team operates in the field.  It offers many competitive advantages such as controlled costs, increased productivity, and satisfied customers.

This cloud-based tool integrates smoothly with devices like mobile computers and bar code printers and integrates with your existing ERP.  Because MobiWork operates in the cloud, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure.  For more information about MobiWork, please contact us.




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