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Honeywell’s Most Durable Handheld …. Ever.

The Dolphin™ CN80 mobile computer drives productivity indoors and out.

Last month we wrote about the Honeywell Dolphin™ CN80 and its benefits in terms of user preferences and flexible options.  This month we’re continuing that message and exploring the additional value this mobile computer offers.

Increased Productivity

  • More efficient data entry. Users get to choose their preferred style of data entry with either a touchscreen or physical keys. Empowered users are more confident and therefore more likely to produce fewer errors.
  • For data-entry heavy use. Physical keys are often preferred, and in many cases, workflows have not been updated to reduce the amount of data entry required in warehouse applications.  The ability to choose empowers workers.
  • Desirable form factor. Large touchscreen is easy to read for both indoor and outdoor use and convenient for glove, finger or stylus.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

  • The CN80 was designed with longevity in mind; which equates to a lower total cost of ownership overall.
  • Long-life batteries save money and time; fewer batteries need to be purchased over the life of the device and full-shift use means batteries won’t need to be swapped out in the middle of the work day.
  • Deployment and support costs are reduced; with common hardware/software platform called Mobility Edge™, the CN80 is one of multiple Honeywell devices that make integration and support much less time consuming for your IT department.

From an application development standpoint, Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform offers additional benefits across the product line:

  1. Flexibility of device choice. Select the form factor that works best for each application without having to worry about configuration.  Utilizing a common platform means there’s essentially one product from an applications development/qualification, test, deployment and tech support perspective.
  2. Testing and certification of applications only occurs once for multiple products. Maximize IT resource without impacting other priorities of the business.
  3. Minimize support resource. Common platform means the need for tech support will be reduced over the total life of the product.

The Importance of a Long-Life Device 

In an age where technology rapidly changes, the warehouse takes a hit each time new technology or updates to existing technology must be made.  This could mean process disruption, downtime, lost revenue, etc. and even more costly when you consider the time and cost of re-configuring, training, and process changes. Industrial devices are designed to go the distance, but technology makes it a struggle to stay with the same device for more than a couple of years due to the necessary operating system security updates.

The good news is that the CN80 leverages an Android operating system, which when combined with the Mobility Edge platform, offers support on up to 5 Android releases (at the time of this blog, that means through rev R) vs. two, which is what competitors might offer.  Two has not been satisfactory because support generally ends around 3 years after an OS is released.  This is a substantial benefit to businesses who aim to get the maximum life from their mobile devices.

For more information on the CN80 and other Honeywell devices that reside on the Mobility Edge platform, email us and we’ll walk you through the options that might work best for you.



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