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Honeywell New Bar Code Scanning Product Announcements!

Honeywell recently launched two next-generation products that are equally impressive.

In this blog we’ll highlight some of the features of each and give you an idea of where these devices excel.

Xenon Performance (XP) 1950g
Corded Area-Imaging Scanner

Xenon XP Scanner

Xenon XP Area-Imaging Scanner

Known as the “XP”, the 1950g is the offspring of the well-respected Xenon 1902g.  The 1902g is regarded as a uniquely reliable handheld scanning device that works well in a variety of environments where scanning performance is critical.

The XP is all that, and more, and great for these warehouse applications:

  • Warehouse Picking
  • Kitting
  • Packing & Shipping
  • Manufacturing Assembly

If you’re currently using the Xenon, then the XP offers:

  • Compatibility with all Xenon accessories
  • Battery-Free model (available soon) saves on battery replacement along with costs of managing battery populations
  • Ability to update the device remotely and gain workflow insights that can help to lower maintenance costs and improve operational efficiencies

Why choose the Xenon XP?

  • Improved consumer experience (depth of field and snappiness)
  • Does a better job accurately scanning damaged bar codes
  • Faster response invites increased throughput; minimizes wasted movement (bending and reaching)
  • More opportunity for productivity & revenue boosts

The chances of successfully scanning hard-to-read and damaged codes means that fewer errors are occurring because users are manually entering data less frequently.

Dolphin™ CK65
Rugged Mobile Computer

Mobile Computer

Dolphin CK65 Mobile Computer

The CK65 is the next generation of the CK3X, a well-respected device in the industrial space.  With keyboard and touchscreen, this Android-OS device has ideal qualities for demanding applications:

  • Rugged, workhorse mobile computer for fast-paced environments
  • Streamlines warehouse processes
  • Compatible with CK3X, including batteries and accessories
  • Makes future device deployment easy with Mobility Edge common platform

What’s so “next-gen” about the CK65?
Several improvements have been made on this device, and the benefit of backward compatibility makes migration even easier.  Here are our favorite updates:

  • Increased drop spec for solid durability
  • Increased IP rating to IP64 to further increase reliability in any environment
  • Extended battery life (18+ hours) for multi-shift use
  • Side buttons for greater flexibility
  • Faster keypad response for increased productivity

Applications where the CK65 thrives:

  • Warehouse Picking, Small Parts and Cases
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials Handling / Transaction Processing
  • Work Order & Material Tracking
  • On-Site Container Tracking
  • Automotive Yard Vehicle Movement

Next generation functionality includes Honeywell’s Mobility Edge Platform and support for Android versions O through R for a future-proof investment.  We’re told the Honeywell CK65 is the only solution on the market right now promising an Android R update.  This may not seem like a big deal, since “R” is many years away, but it offers users the comfort of knowing they’ve invested in a device that won’t be obsolete in a couple of years.

Interested in a demo of this device?  Contact us today to see if the CK65 is the right fit for your application.



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