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The New CT30 XP Handheld Computer Empowers Your Operations 

Are you looking for a competitive advantage for your business? If so, then you’ll have to check out the powerful new CT30 XP enterprise mobile computer from Honeywell. The CT30 XP is a feature rich, durable handheld computer for frontline workers in retail, light-duty commercial, healthcare, and delivery applications.

The technology that drives the CT30 XP mobile computer is Honeywell’s stable, secure, Mobility Edge platform. You get a long, productive life, exceptional security, fast deployment, and first-rate performance. The CPU has plenty of processing power for every current application. It is also future-proofed with significantly higher AI and graphics capability to handle new applications as they appear. This gives your IT department the advantage of being able to build your mobility solutions on a robust and time-tested platform. Here are four of the advantages of the CT30 XP.

Attractive Design, Impressive Functionality, and First-Rate Durability

The CT30 XP is slender, light, and compact, slipping quickly into a pocket for users to conveniently use and carry. It is designed with a modern, curved shape to be attractive in a premium customer-facing setting. The CT30 XP offers a disinfectant-ready white housing, patient-friendly scan aimers, and a large set of accessories for a healthcare setting. 

For user comfort, Honeywell built the device with a full 5.5-inch (14 cm), full-high-definition (FHD) screen. But the CT30 XP is more than a pretty face. It is tough to withstand multiple drops from four feet to concrete and temperatures from -4°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C). A warm-swap battery is easy to replace (no need to power down the unit) and offers uninterrupted use for added productivity.

Powerful FlexRange™ Scan Engine

The CT30 XP handheld computer contains Honeywell’s high-performance FlexRange scan engine. FlexRange packs the long-range scanning power of industrial warehouse devices into a compact, user-friendly form factor. With double the scan range of standard devices, each CT30 XP scan saves steps that shave seconds off of transaction times and add up to reclaimed productivity and reduced user fatigue.

Ultra-Reliable Data Access and Communications
The CT30 XP offers Wi-Fi 6 (selected SKUs). Wi-Fi 6 provides greater throughput, range, and reliability, even in today’s business environment saturated with RF. In addition, it consumes less power, even if placed in an RF-heavy climate.  

Compatibility to Create Effective Solutions
The CT30 XPworks withHoneywell’s powerful enterprise software so you can tailor your solution to your business profile.

  • Operational Intelligence Solutions – Gain deep operational insights, workflow automation, and manage issues in real-time.
  • Smart Talk Unified Communications – Teams can call, text, and send and receive media messages from one device covered by enterprise-grade security.
  • Smart Pay Solution – Process secure, PCI-compliant payments for the retail, delivery, and hospitality industries. No need for bulky hardware add-ons, even for tap-to-pay and pin-on-glass payments.

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Barcom specializes in barcode automation and RFID solutions for businesses like yours. Our seasoned professionals are ready to guide you to informed decisions about your mobility solutions. Making mobility solution decisions with the support of experienced experts gives you the most significant gains in employee productivity and the quickest ROI.

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