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Introducing the New CK75 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer

When the reliability, efficiency and accuracy of your operations are the foundation to your competitive advantage, there is no room for compromise. The CK75 ultra-rugged mobile computer is a true no-compromise solution!

The CK75 can withstand demanding environments while still being agile and responsive to any situation. With its ultra-rugged design, slim and light form factor, unmatched barcode scanning performance and support for both Windows® and Android™ operating systems – the new CK75 provides an unbeatable combination of longevity, durability and ergonomics.

An Exclusive Invitation from Barcom

Your company may qualify for a free 30-day Honeywell CK75 Handheld Computer trial and an on-site evaluation. Simply fill out the form, and one of our experts will contact you.

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