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Warehouse automation



Don’t lose valuable time searching for equipment or team members. Instead, invest that time where it is most needed: on patient care. By incorporating the right mix of Zebra tracking solutions, you can have real-time insights to rapidly locate essential assets and teams, and increase accuracy. Ensure the highest level of quality for your patients, use resources wisely and reduce costs with Barcom & Zebra.

Inventory and asset management solutions that leverage barcoding and RFID technologies not only help healthcare providers automate workflows, but also enable clinicians to streamline much of their day-to-day operations.

View this quick Zebra video to see NEW ways you can minimize disruption and maximize care at your healthcare facility: 

See For Yourself How Automation Can Improve Your Healthcare Operations

The Key Benefits of Track and Trace Technology for Healthcare Centers Include:

  • Improved management of equipment and supplies inventory
  • Streamlined workflows for staff and admins
  • Optimized staff productivity & communications
  • Increased accuracy and faster, more efficient patient care

At Barcom, we understand healthcare workflows.  We design solutions that incorporate better tracking, management and analysis. That’s why we partner with industry leaders like Zebra Technologies, so we can offer you a total solution that gives your employees the flexibility and accuracy they need.


Turn real-time data into actionable insights with greater visibility into operations and supply chain management.

Knowing what you use on a daily basis helps to predict what you’ll need.  When you choose an automated solution from Barcom, you take the guesswork out of planning and materials management and spend more time focusing on patient needs.

It’s Time to Get Smarter, More Connected Operations

Ready to increase quality (and lower operations costs)? Discover the integrated technologies that healthcare leaders are deploying to mobilize urgent care teams, automate more workflows and regain control of supply chains to better support clinicians AND patients.


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