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From Windows to Android: Turning a Complex Migration into a Seamless Transformation

At the end of the day, managing a successful, efficient and productive enterprise environment comes down to two elemental factors: 1) the ability to achieve seamless integration and extended life cycle management across mobile devices and 2) the ingenuity to mitigate security vulnerabilities. With those two monumental tasks conquered, everything else falls into place.

However, this solid foundation can be shaken when something as immense as transitioning to a modern mobility platform comes into play. Thankfully, we understand the magnitude of such an evolution and are here to help you understand your OS transition options, so you can make well-informed, educated decisions about how to best support your enterprise environment. When you decide to make this transition, you are committing to enhanced security, greater productivity and improved performance across your enterprise.

The end of support for a legacy Microsoft operating system

This is a dilemma you are not facing alone. Barcom and Honeywell recognize the challenges associated with losing mainstream support and the precarious nature of patches, new releases and erratic support coverage. New apps, adapting workflows and changing mobile devices can be overwhelming at best, but implementing a transition plan for multiple devices and operating systems across your entire enterprise is enough to terrify even the most technically savvy.

That is why Barcom and Honeywell have collaborated to deliver proven solutions that will initiate stability and cohesion throughout your entire organization and help you transition quickly, securely and with minimal disruption to daily operations. Given its large market share and extensive ecosystem of apps, developers and VARs, Android has evolved into the prevalent operating system for workforce enterprises, and for good reason.

Here are a few of the key elements that make Android the most effective OS transition solution.

1. Security
Alleviating security risks and protecting vital data are top priorities on everyone’s OS solutions checklist. Android delivers the highest level of security by deploying application isolation and exploit mitigation techniques. Users can also implement lock down techniques through mobile device management or Honeywell Enterprise Launcher to further reduce the risk of malware intrusion. Simply stated, this limits what the user can do and what apps can run on the system.

2. Added Features
Android Enterprise has added features, like bulk provisioning to speed device setup, device owner mode to allow fully managed devices at the corporate level, encryption enabled by default to protect personal and corporate data and always-on VPN.

3. Compatible Hardware
Selecting the right hardware is critical. The smart choice is hardware that can support multiple operating systems, like the Honeywell CN75 and CK75 Series or the Honeywell CN51 mobile computer. With these mobile devices, you can choose either the Windows Embedded Handheld platform or Android, and Windows Embedded Handheld devices can be converted to Android at a future date. This allows existing legacy applications to continue running until your entire enterprise is ready to transition to Android.

So, make today THE day you face OS migration head on with confidence! Rest assured that our team has the technical expertise and training to provide you with flawless solutions, products and support to bolster a seamless transition plan and empower the continued success of your enterprise organization.


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