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Fixed Mount Scanning


Fixed-mount bar code scanning is an ideal solution for unattended applications. Proper planning and a solid understanding of requirements are paramount to ensuring a successful fixed-scanner installation. We thoroughly review communications, logic, triggering, I/O, lighting, mounting and operational flow to make sure the devices work best as part of a well-planned strategy. At Barcom, we’ve seen a wide variety of fixed-mount scanning applications in a host of different industries. Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Whether you’re just looking for the bar code scanning device or require a fully-integrated solution, we can help you put together a successful system that will allow you to increase productivity, improve visibility and reduce costs associated with scanning errors.

Leuze electronic

For over 25 years, Barcom has partnered with industry leaders to provide bar code automation, machine vision and bar code verification solutions for warehouse and manufacturing applications. Our products range from compact, easily embedded readers, to rugged industrial scanners that feature the latest technology for decoding both 1D and 2D bar codes.

Achieve Customer Compliance


Reduce Human Error


Increase Worker Productivity


Ensure Greater Reliability


Bar Code Readers

Accuracy and reliability are key aspects of any successful bar code automation process. We refuse to compromise quality and value when it comes to fixed-mount bar code scanning.

  • High-Speed
  • Latest Imaging and Laser Technology
  • Small Footprint
  • Reliable

Bar Code Verification

Poor quality bar codes not only add cost to your operation, but can create compliance issues and even chargebacks. When you rely on our technology, you can rest assured that our bar code verification systems provide you the tools to increase and maintain bar code quality and meet industry standards such as:

  • ISO/IEC 16022
  • AS9132
  • AIM DPM Guidelines
  • MIL-STD-130
  • UDI
  • FSMA
  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • GS1
  • ISO 15415 & 15416
  • ISO 15426-1, 15426-2
  • ISO TR 29158
  • ISO / ANSI

Verification devices include camera, software, and precision illumination designed specifically to provide accurate verification of both linear and 2D bar codes, as well as DPM (direct part mark) designed to meet ISO and IEC standards.

  • Desktop Units
  • Handheld Devices
  • Integrated Printing Systems

Machine Vision

In order to achieve desired quality and accuracy, technology must take the wheel. For processes that are difficult to conduct in a consistently reliable manner, machine vision can pick up the slack.

  • Improve Production Line Performance
  • Decrease Defects
  • Increase Profitability

Small. Smart. Simplified. See for yourself what fixed-mount scanning can do for you.

Looking to gain production line efficiencies?

We can help you implement a solid plan to improve your processes and increase reliability on the production line. Contact us today for a free consultation and product review to find the solution that meets your requirements.


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