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Fall back?  Spring ahead with an OS migration plan.

Haven’t started putting a plan together to migrate your aging Windows® mobile devices to newer technology? Here’s a friendly reminder of what we’re heading toward over the next 18-24 months.

If you’re a mobile computer user running on Windows you’ll need to do some planning.  By 2020, Microsoft will be discontinuing extended support for Windows Mobile; and shortly thereafter, Windows CE support will also come to an end.  This means mobile devices running on these platforms today have a couple of years or less to migrate to updated technology or risk operating with limited functionality (or even more detrimental – – leaving your business victim to a cyber attack).   Without extended support, no security updates will be available, nor will there be any compatible apps.

The best move to make is now, in the form of a mobile strategy.  With the time left to plan you’ll be able to schedule development time, research devices and get positioned to migrate to newer technology by the time 2020 rolls around.  Don’t go it alone!  Our engineers are well-versed in what needs to take place (including the selection of new mobile devices, the transfer of company data to the new devices, upgrading existing applications to run optimally on the new platform), and can assist your internal IT resources where needed.

The industry is moving to Android™ mobile computers for good reason.  Actually, several good reasons.  The primary reason being the future-proof investment a mobile device running on Android can offer.  Another reason is the security of Android devices.  Android has developed a reputation of providing incremental security enhancements, giving users peace of mind.

On top of the Windows announcement, we also have the sunset of 3G networks (Verizon has already made their announcement, and others are assumed to follow). As of July, Verizon no longer activates 3G/non-LTE devices, and will only commit to supporting 2G/3G through December 31, 2019. After December 31, 2019 they will begin taking down the network.  Those who migrate sooner will avoid interruptions in their operations.

To encourage movement to more modern technology sooner rather than later, Honeywell is offering a trade-in opportunity on outdated mobile computers.  You can save up to $200 per unit when you purchase a new, eligible Honeywell device. And consider maximizing device uptime a bit further with the addition of a Honeywell support plan.

When you upgrade to Honeywell’s Android-powered mobile devices, you’ll experience:

  • Simpler mobile deployments, with less risk and cost
  • Workers that have greater flexibility and are more productive
  • Reduced costs and more efficient operations
  • Happier customers

Here’s more information on how the trade-in rebate program works.

Honeywell’s CT40, CT60 and CN80 rugged mobile computers, used in fast-paced environments like DC’s, logistics applications, field delivery and retail, have been validated for the Google-led Android Enterprise Recommended program, which helps businesses select the right devices to meet their needs.

Honeywell’s involvement in this program reinforces the fact that these mobile devices are designed according to the technical requirements of applications in these particular environments, which also include extended lifecycle support requirements. These mobile computers provide customers with easy enrollment options, timely software and security updates, features and support for multiple versions of the Android™ operating system.  Read the full release here.

Excited? Confused? Ready to go? Waiting it out?  Regardless of the flood of emotions, we invite you to contact us directly for some good advice to get you thinking about the process and how you can keep your business moving forward without breaking the bank.


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