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ck71-transfer-w-errorExceed Customer Expectations

If you’re struggling to meet customer requirements using paper-based operations, then it’s time to consider a more automated solution that will not only improve worker productivity and control operational costs, but it will also help you meet and exceed the expectations of your customers.

Over the course of a couple of decades working with business leaders who operate warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing plant and field sales and service operations, we gained a solid understanding of the challenges encountered with manual processes. Our expertise in software development, combined with a solid team of professionals who have worked in the bar code data collection industry, allowed us to create a software solution to streamline processes and improve results.

transACTION is an all-in-one tool to automate the bar code / RFID data collection function and eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks in your warehouse or plant. Begin to control costs and improve worker productivity immediately with the ability to detect trends, recognize low inventory levels, develop on-time metrics, reduce shipping costs, and more. This software suite is fully customizable based on your business process requirements, but flexible enough to grow and change to keep pace with business demands. transACTION provides you with:

  • Custom Mobile Screens
  • Label Designer and Report Generator Options
  • Flexible Screens and Entry with Emphasis on Data Collection Efficiencies
  • Rules-based Transactions to Easily Control Workflows & Processes
  • And much, much more … we even customize!

Track, Trace and Control Your Inventory

9 times out of 10, customers who operate with manual, paper-based processes struggle to successfully and consistently process and ship orders correctly. In some industries, like the automotive industry, for example, an order or shipment error could cost an organization dearly. This may take the form of a hefty non-compliance fee, or even mean they will lose their “approved vendor” status. One area that can be difficult to manage is location management. transACTION allows you to more easily obtain real-time visibility of quantity, age and inventory location to move product out the door, on time, every time. Typical activities where transACTION excels include:

  • Receipts
  • Moves
  • Issues
  • Adjustments
  • Physical Inventory and Cycle Counts

You can also easily generate inventory reports and create bar coded shipping and compliance labels quickly and accurately, which keeps your team moving swiftly and keeping consistency in check.

Where transACTION Excels in the Warehouse

  • Asset Tracking
  • Production Reporting
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Label Printing and Compliance Labeling
  • Labor Management

A Better Way to Manage Inventory, Costs, Quality and Customer Service

Automating paper-based tasks will yield big savings. The return on investment (ROI) is fast with most operations realizing a return in less than 12 months. When data entry accuracy improves, so will accuracy, quality and customer service, not to mention a reduction in costs associated with order errors and quality issues. Another area of improvement is worker productivity. When transACTION is placed in the hands of your workforce, your employees can operate at the point-of-work, enabling them to work faster and more easily.

Sound like a solution you can work with? We can also work with you to customize the modules that you need most, including a mobile screen builder for your mobile devices. Visit our transACTION page or contact us today for more information and a free demonstration of transACTION.


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