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AutoCube 8200

Entering a New Dimension in Space Optimization

Market trends and demands are putting more and more pressure on warehouse and distribution center operations. One such pressure is the need for faster turnaround and availability of product. This has led to an increase in the need to optimize space – space for more inventory, more flexibility for storage and greater workflow efficiency. With space optimization becoming such a big part of improving operational efficiency, speed and accuracy follow closely behind.

With these trends focusing on fast delivery, shipping and logistics operations are going full speed to meet customer requirements. This can lead to one challenge in particular: shipping accuracy. Fast-paced operations require extreme accuracy in order to be effective. Without accuracy, you are chewing up profitability in record time. What is needed is a way to quickly and accurately calculate dimensional weight to ensure accurate shipping costs.

Honeywell AutoCube™
Honeywell’s AutoCube 8200 fixed-dimensioning system not only helps to optimize space in the warehouse, but it also enables quick, accurate processing of shipments. Their 3D depth-sensing technology instantly and accurately measures product dimensions. Its sleek design consists of an auto-dimensioner which is mounted on a stand connected to the host system – all through a USB interface.
With the hustle and bustle of a busy operation, simple mistakes can be made – particularly when manual processes are involved. Not only does measuring with a tape measure take more time to do, each worker has their own interpretation of measurements, and can easily lead to costly mistakes:

• Incorrect measurements being entered into the system
• Shipping costs miscalculated
• Time spent correcting errors lengthen transaction time and lower productivity
• Productivity and profitability are reduced

An auto-dimensioning tool like the AutoCube 8200 creates a consistent solution for more accurate results and a boost in productivity. What makes it so great? Aside from the space-saving concept, the AutoCube can measure objects in any orientation with great speed (less than a second) and accuracy (within 0.2 inches/5 mm). It can also withstand tough environments with operating temps of up to 104° and varying ambient light levels.

Automated Solution Improvements
• Revenue increases
• Shipping chargebacks decrease
• Throughput increases; bottlenecks decrease
• Space-saving design optimizes space and load planning

This solution is based on imaging technology, so it automatically captures a snapshot of each scan; it can easily integrate with many applications, with future plans that include integration with Fedex and UPS systems. For more information on the 8200 and other ways to optimize space in your warehouse, contact us today.


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