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Barcom’s Auto Series Suite of software is the ideal solution to improve operations for automotive component suppliers. Auto Series offers 5 different modules based on your process requirements.


Auto/SEQUENCE is a sequenced parts delivery system that allows Tier 1 and Tier 2 parts manufactures to meet the requirements of their automotive and large vehicle customers. Auto/SEQUENCE provides for:

  • Production Line or Staging Area Sequence Control
  • 866 or Broadcast Input
  • Container, Rack and Load Sequencing
  • Alerts for Skipped Sequenc
  • Compliance Labeling for Parts and Containers
  • EDI Confirmations


Real-Time Returnable Container Tracking System allows users of returnable containers to accurately track location and condition of these assets as a byproduct of data collection activities. Automotive component suppliers (or any manufacturer utilizing returnables) will increase their utilization and have an increased visibility of their containers.

  • Tracks Company Owned or Consigned Containers
  • Utilizes Bar Codes or RFID
  • Tracks Preventive Maintenance and Repairs
  • Inventory by Location


Real-Time Production Based System allows automotive component suppliers to efficiently and accurately SCHEDULE, TRACK and FULFILL OEM Customer Orders.

  • EDI Interface with Customers and Vendors
  • Production Scheduling
  • Requirements Planning
  • Stage and Build Loads


Auto/LABELING is a labeling solution that allows automotive suppliers to meet customer compliance requirements by automatically producing correctly coded labels based on order and customer requirements. Increases order processing, ensures proper handling of shipments and allows for a faster, more efficient receiving process for your customers.

  • Part, Container, Pallet, Mixed-Load Labeling
  • Local and Web-Based Operations
  • Interfaces with EDI Processes


Barcom’s Quality Control / Poka Yoke System provides a complete system to control and track the quality of products throughout the manufacturing process; assisting your facility in producing world-class products.

  • Interfaces with Production and Test Equipment
  • Scales, PLC, Pressure Sensors, Measurement Gauges, Color Sensors, etc.
  • Data-Driven Setup / Data-Driven Control
  • Alarms to Stop or Warn Production
  • Random Sampling or 100% Audit
  • Scrap and Re-work Tracking
  • Lot and Serial Number Controls

Are you struggling to meet customer compliance requirements?
If you’re being asked to comply with customer initiatives, and are struggling to meet their requests, we can design a solution for you to eliminate manual processes, improve quality assurance and ensure proper labeling on your customers’ orders.
Are you looking for an approach to reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiencies?
We specialize in the design of automated data collection solutions that help our customers reduce costs associated with data entry errors, overhead, and other expenses that can jeopardize the efficiency and profitability of your operations.

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