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An Important OS Migration Benefit: Converting Your Green Screens

Can Android run terminal emulation, and how do you convert your apps without a bunch of headaches and without breaking your budget?

Now that Microsoft is retiring Windows® for enterprise mobile computing, many companies are taking the opportunity to migrate to a new operating system, namely Android™.  There are many great benefits to making this switch, but one big concern for some companies is what will happen to their “green screen” terminal emulation (TE) apps when they migrate to Android.

Fortunately, migrating your TE apps to Android is unbelievably easy thanks to All-Touch Terminal Emulation (TE) from Zebra Technologies. Zebra’s tools provide a fast and painless way to migrate your TE apps to Android and convert all your existing “green screen” TE apps into beautiful, graphical, intuitive, and all-touch HTML5 web apps that run on Zebra Android devices.  In addition, you can do all of this without writing a single line of code.

Here’s how Zebra’s Android TE migration process works:

  1. Automatic Screen Conversion Turn on a Zebra mobile computer, open the All-Touch TE browser, and log onto your text-based host application. This will allow you to automatically convert every screen into an HTML5 graphics-based touch screen.
  2. Easy Modification Modify the layout and add any needed elements with Zebra’s editing tools, without writing any code. You can convert all your legacy TE apps without making any modifications to the host.
  3. Custom Themes and Style Sheets Apply themes for a consistent graphical look and feel. You can define fonts, font colors, button colors and sizes, background colors, field styles, and more. It all happens with powerful style sheets you can apply to all screens with a press of a button.
  4. Automating Screen Sizing Next, Zebra’s All-Touch TE automatically identifies every screen element and places it in the proper screen section, such as the main heading, body, or footer. All-Touch TE automatically adjusts your screens to the display size, resolution, and orientation of your Zebra mobile devices.
  5. Conversion of Functions to Icons  If you prefer, you can convert functions to intuitive icons or buttons and replace multiple keystrokes with the tap of those elements. For example, you can replace a line of text instructions, such as “Press F12 to print,” with a simple printer icon.
  6. Screen Orientation  Determine whether your screens should rotate or stay in a specific orientation by applying your preferred setting on a screen-by-screen basis.
  7. Multi-App Support  If you have more than one TE app, you can enable support so users can run all of your apps simultaneously.
  8. Modifying Screen Sizes by Device  You have complete control over screen size and can modify your apps to take advantage of different screen sizes across all the different devices you might use.
  9. Flexible Software Keyboards and Navigation Finally, choose your preferred navigation and data entry style, including gesture controls, pinch-to-zoom, panning, and your choice of several touch screen keyboards. You can also enable hard keypads if they’re integrated into your mobile devices.

This next-generation approach to terminal emulation saves days or weeks of time and aggravation. You can literally convert screens and apps in as little as minutes.  You can do it all quickly and easily, without writing a single line of code. And you can migrate to Android and upgrade to the latest touch mobile computing technologies much faster and more cost-effectively.

To learn more about Zebra’s All-Touch TE and migrating to Android, contact our OS migration team.



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