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 The Advantages of Deployment & Configuration Services

The more bar code data collection technology we bring into the workplace, the more work there is to be done to support and maintain every single bar code label printer, mobile computer, handheld scanner, vehicle mount computer, and wireless network.  Organizations that employ small IT departments (some employ just one person) may often struggle during peak times to prioritize the myriad of facility projects, business process needs, equipment requirements, application requests, network issues and day-to-day employee support needs, let alone plan a rollout of bar code technology equipment for the warehouse.

Outsourcing services like configuration and deployment is on the rise, and bringing in specialized technical resource not only saves you time, but it can also save you money.  Yes, money. Think of the time it would take to install and configure a new wireless network, write a business application or configure and install new vehicle-mount computers and printers; and it takes resource away from facility expansion plans, a server upgrade, or other projects that require internal IT support.

Equipment Rollout Confusion

Rolling out new hardware can be costly if you don’t have the right resources available.  You want to be sure everything is done correctly, and that each device is in its place and working as it should.  This doesn’t just apply to large-volume rollouts, it also works well for single-digit volumes that need to be received, configured, and installed across the organization – regardless of individual locations.

Reaching out to a professional team to configure and deploy hardware takes the headache out of the process for your internal IT group. Since these services are usually a major core competency for these providers, offloading the task ensures that it will be done quickly and effectively. Configuring, maintaining and managing your equipment is an ongoing task that can easily drain limited resources; why drain yours?

Ready to Go…Right out of the Box

When you employ the services of a provider for configuration (or staging) you get peace of mind that your devices will be ready to go when you receive them. That means they will be prepared with the proper wireless settings, applications, emulations and more.  For your IT group, all it requires is opening the box and powering up the device(s).  For some models, you may need to scan a custom bar code to activate the configuration settings, but it’s designed to be a simple, user-friendly process.

Product Configuration & Staging

A convenient way to get what you need, where you need it, is to have your equipment pre-configured before it arrives at your location.  This is ideal for organizations with limited IT staff, multiple locations and/or remote users.

Benefits of the service:

  • Loading application software
  • Configuration of each unit
  • Fully-charged batteries for mobile devices
  • Drop shipment to each location

Give the gift of ease of integration! Consider outsourcing a professional for your next equipment acquisition. For more information about our own set-up and deployment services, please visit our Deployment Services page.



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