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Barcom Launches Automated Temperature-Sensing Device
A safe, automated alternative to staff-managed temperature taking

CHATTANOOGA, TN – August 31, 2020 – Barcom announced today the release of Scan-Post™, a standalone temperature-sensing solution to detect body temperature and manage access control.  This all-in-one device can also be used for contact tracing and managing time & attendance for a safer, more secure environment. …Read more  

July 2020 Update

4 Benefits of a Wireless Site Survey

It’s likely your network has taken on a lot more traffic in recent years with the number of networked devices being used by your employees.  Not only are office printers and computers connected, but smartphones, mobile computers, industrial barcode label printers, rugged tablets and even vehicle-mounted computers are connected for ease of use and increased worker productivity….Read more  

June 2020 Update

Are Pre-Printed Bar Code Labels Costing You Time & Money?
This month we introduce you to Honeywell’s PX940 Industrial Bar Code Label Printer with integrated label verification.  This feature further automates the process of producing perfect, readable bar codes every time.  Saving you time and added expense due to non-compliance on unreadable labels. …Read more  

May 2020 Update

When You Count on Device Performance
Protecting and disinfecting devices, security of data and safety of your workers — we have a variety of services and solutions to help you through these challenging times.  See what we’re talking about in this month’s news update …Read more  

April 2020 Update

Moving Your Systems to the Cloud
Barcom is now offering hosting for those who are ready to migrate their on-premise systems to the cloud! Did you know virtual support has always been part of our support offering?  During this time of crisis we realize how critical it can be to keeping your business running.  Learn more about available services, tools and systems in this month’s news update …Read more  

March 2020 Update

Addressing Infection Control in your Environment
We’ve all been reading and hearing about suggestions to protect ourselves and others from the spread of germs, with particular focus on the flu and COVID-19 virus.  In addition to diligence regarding personal hygiene, we must also consider the equipment we come in contact with – particularly if they are shared by multiple users….Read more  

February 2020 Update

Explore RFID and RTLS Like Never Before!
Check out Zebra’s ATR7000 RTLS and RFID Reader in our new video and see how easy it is to set up and operate! Did you know we are a Zebra Premier Solution Partner and RFID Specialist? Read more about the value we bring to your business in this month’s update….Read more  

January 2020 Update

Tips for Smart Technology Decision Making
With 2019 behind us and a new year beginning, now is the time to evaluate the needs and requirements of your business for the months ahead.  From processes and programs to equipment and workflows, achieving success is a result of informed decisions, streamlined business processes and arming your team with the right tools to get the job done…..Read more  

December 2019 News & Offers

Industrial Applications Deserve Industrial Devices.
A commercial device in an industrial application increases the risk of failures, which can lead to decreased productivity. Consider total cost of ownership by choosing the right device for your environment. Learn how you to select the right device and more in this month’s news update….Read more  

November 2019 News & Offers

Improving workflow productivity one solution at a time.
View this month’s newsletter to learn more about the innovative ways organizations are using technology to improve processes, increase worker productivity and streamline workflows — all in one total solution…Read more  

October 2019 News & Offers

Real-Time Location Services
The warehouse is a great place for storing goods and equipment. It’s also an ideal place to lose track of assets and materials without really trying! That’s why Zebra designed the ATR7000 RFID Reader. The ability to track and manage inventory, equipment, material handling vehicles, and…Read more  

September 2019 News & Offers

In a busy warehouse, RFID solutions help users maximize material management efforts despite high-volume activity, and a variety of pallets, cases and tagged items moving in and out of  dock doors, shift after shift….Read more  

August 2019 News & Offers

Purpose-Built Devices for Demanding Applications
Zebra’s line of rugged tablets enable workers to perform tasks flawlessly regardless of the environment. Choose the device that can stand up to extreme temperatures, low-lighting areas and be used on or off vehicles. …Read more  

July 2019 News & Offers

MobiWork’s smartphone and cloud-based mobile solutions are ideal for field sales and service applications where workers are on-the-go and need one device to access critical application data. Easy to use and can be pre-configured to meet your unique requirements…Read more

June 2019 News & Offers

The Xenon “Extreme Performance” bar code scanner from Honeywell is here!  This next gen handheld scanner offers a one-megapixel sensor, 800mhz processer and improved firmware, without compromising its original, ergonomic design and is compatible with…Read more

May 2019 News & Offers

Zebra recently launched the MC9300, with a next gen platform and enhanced features and functionality to handle fast-paced demands of the day.  In addition to new and improved features, the MC9300 operates on Android, providing greater application flexibility and…Read more

April 2019 News & Offers

Two New Honeywell Scanning Products!
Honeywell recently added two, next-generation bar code scanning devices to their portfolio, and you’re going to love the performance! Read more

March 2019 News & Offers

Purpose-Built for the Warehouse, the Dolphin™ CK65 is ideal for warehouses that are transitioning from Windows® to Android and use both newer touch-based and older key-based legacy applications. Plus, it minimizes capital expenses by enabling you to reuse your existing CK3X/R batteries and accessories.  Read more

February 2019 News & Offers

Reduce the impact on workers with the ability to manage voice and data with one device! Honeywell CN80 Cellular now available with 4G “LTE Advanced” Support Read more

January 2019 News & Offers

Mobile workers are on the move and rely on devices that can help them keep productivity and accuracy high. The Dolphin CN80 accomplishes this requirement with the flexibility needed in demanding applications.  Read more

December 2018 News & Offers

The New Year gets us thinking about improvements we can make over last year, so this is the perfect time to take stock of the equipment you’re using in the warehouse. If increasing worker productivity and making smarter decisions are on your list, then it’s time to consider trading in your old devices for new, more modern technology.  Read more

November 2018 News & Offers

Worker productivity and controlled costs are the two most valuable advantages of having a connected workforce.  Quick access to meaningful data, maximizing each step in the process, and doing it all with fewer errors means your workflows will be much more efficient.   Read more

October 2018 News & Offers

In this month’s newsletter we talk about the mobile revolution and the industry shift to Android.  We also cover a few reasons why it’s critical to start your migration planning sooner rather than later.  Read more

September 2018 News & Offers

Technology is moving fast, and using outdated devices can impact worker productivity, slow operations and affect the bottom line. Read more

November 2017 News & Offers

Mobile Printing Tips and Holiday Schedule.

August 2017 News & Offers

The New Honeywell CK75 is Here!

June 2017 News & Offers

GO Zebra Trade-In Offer & Other News

January 2017 News & Offers

Coming Soon! Web-Based transACTION Software!

December News & Offers

Latest Blog Post & New Website!

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