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4 Ways Smart Printing Makes Sense

Smart printing is genius.
With the hustle and bustle that goes along with today’s workforce, smart printing technology has helped revolutionize the way we work.  The complexities of operations, the demands placed on organizations by their customers, and the ever-changing work environment has made smart printing a welcome technology for warehouse label printing, distribution center applications, e-commerce and manufacturing.  Here’s why:

  • Smart printers are easily programmable and take little training to get started
  • You can print jobs independently, no need for a host computer to send commands
  • Applications can be downloaded and run directly from the printer
  • Peripheral devices like handheld bar code scanners, keyboards, scales, etc. are controlled by apps loaded on the printer – without needing a host computer

Mobility on the run.
The ability to operate a smart industrial bar code printer or smart mobile printer means you don’t have the burden of being tied to a desk with a computer.  Mobile workers are given greater flexibility, which translates into increased productivity, a happier workforce and satisfied customers.

For remote operations, smart printers offer the ability to troubleshoot, operate and control the functionality of the device without having to be right in front of the unit. This makes it convenient for IT resource, particularly for organizations with multiple locations, when they can troubleshoot and resolve issues without having to actually be on site.

Smart printers can do so much more than print.
Smart printers help you automate processes, with an interface that’s simplified for new users and those that have had limited training.  Since these printers are connected to your network, you’ve got a lot of flexibility in terms of file storage and access, even for data stored in the cloud.  And security is a no-brainer, with access controlled by the administrator.  This includes the ability to insist on entering an access code to control printer output.

What exactly can they do?

  • Maintain databases (product codes, prices, ID numbers, etc.)
  • Connect to scales, scanners and other devices
  • Operate in several different languages
  • Function flawlessly, even in an environment without wireless access
  • Perform self-diagnostics & troubleshooting

Some smart printers are true work horses — users have the ability to program each device to continue printing, so even if one unit is out of media, the job automatically transfers to the next available device to keep productivity moving.

Now that’s smart.

Ideal applications for smart printing:

  • Manufacturing
  • Product Identification Labeling
  • Shipping / Receiving
  • Put-away
  • Order picking & packing
  • Compliance labeling
  • Cross-docking

If your bar code label printers have been around for a while, and you’re ready to make a smart printing move, contact us for information and a recommendation on the devices that would work best for your environment, your workflow and your business.


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