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4 Reasons to swap your warehouse commercial scanner for an industrial device

For many, a scanner is just a scanner. Does it scan accurately? Is it ergonomic? Reliable? And for commercial applications, we’d agree – you definitely need a workhorse device that won’t let you down, and responsiveness aside, many are similar in style and functionality.

For the warehouse, however, it’s a totally different story. For those of you who work in the warehouse, you know it’s a dangerous place! There’s a ton of activity, forklifts zooming by, people with carts zipping through aisles and if your space is similar to many others, you’ve got a ton of shelves creating twists and turns for those that need to get from point A to point B. On top of it all, everyone is moving as quickly as they can, scanning from down on the ground to tall shelves, and probably tackling a couple of tasks at a time to keep up with production and to help stay on time and on goal.

Looking at repair data on commercial handheld scanners, a popular reason for failure is from dropping the device. It happens, particularly when workers are pulling product off shelves and on to a cart or packing orders for shipment.   We set the device on a pallet of boxes and the next thing you know the device is falling off the stack as the forklift pulls the pallet away.

There are plenty of reasons why you need an industrial device in an industrial environment

The warehouse is a challenging environment all around – for networks, people and scanning devices. No one will argue that. You will also probably agree that it’s a dusty and dirty environment – maybe even a cold or particularly hot one too. Which takes a toll not only on the devices, but on the bar code labels themselves; creating yet another challenge. In our estimation, Honeywell has solved a number of challenges with the Granit 1980 and 1981 Industrial, Full-Range Scanners. And the fact that Honeywell is a leader in imaging technology, the Granit offers the best in aggressiveness and scanning reliability. Here are just four reasons why the Granit is a great industrial scanning choice for your environment:

  1. Resistant: The Granit’s IP65 Rating ensures protection from dust, dirt and water sprays
  2. Durable: Withstands 5,000 drops to concrete from 1m and 50 drops from 2m
  3. Easy to Integrate: The Granit is plug ‘n play with Honeywell vehicle-mounted computers
  4. User Friendly: The corded version offers a single screw to release the cable for replacement. For wireless models (Bluetooth® Class 1, v2.1 radio), a quick twist and turn makes swapping batteries easy during shift changes

The Granit loves the warehouse, including applications in distribution centers and manufacturing for shipping & receiving, picking and packing and inventory control. Not sure if the Granit is the right device for your environment? We can help you choose the right hardware or software to help you get the job done. Contact us today for more info.


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