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4 Reasons to Automate Your Temperature Screening Process

Improving productivity and result reliability

If your organization conducts temperature checks manually for employees or other individuals seeking to enter your facility, then you probably already know how cumbersome the process can be.

As a visitor at the hospital recently, the temperature-check experience was less than optimal.  Ultimately it took several tries and 2 individuals to successfully obtain a reading.  It took way longer than anticipated, unfortunately.  Once a satisfactory result was obtained, the administrators had to manually log the information on a form attached to a clipboard.  In a word, it was clumsy.

Of course, with any new procedure there is a learning curve, but if the device being used is not reliable or accurate, it can bring the entire process to a screeching halt.  Accuracy is key – particularly in a pandemic – if it’s to be of any value.  A device that is not reliable can cause delays, produce incorrect results, and put others at risk.

Scan-Post™: Temperature Screening & Access Control Made Easy

Scan-Post w/Zebra ZD420

Scan-Post with Zebra’s ZD420 Thermal Printer

At Barcom, we’ve recently launched an automatic temperature-sensing device that dramatically improves the screening process and offers more customizable features than other temperature scanning devices on the market. 

Scan-Post is easy to use and directs the user clearly and simply.  This self-scanning, standalone temperature-sensing device doesn’t require staffing and is intuitive enough to direct the user on its own.  This is a big advantage considering many organizations conduct temperature checks using additional labor or shift existing labor from one department to temperature-measurement duty.  Not an ideal situation when staffing is limited these days anyway.

Scan-Post offers a host of features that make it a convenient solution for temperature checks:

  • Thermal Temperature Sensing – offering a high level of accuracy and reliability
  • Touchless Operation – preventing the spread of germs
  • Free-Standing or Wall-Mount – flexible enough to place anywhere in your facility
  • Fast & Accurate – keeping individuals moving through entranceways
  • Printing Option – proof that temperature is in check and access granted

Fast, Reliable Temperature Measurement
This self-directed, automatic temperature-sensing solution is a safe and accurate way to screen employees, students, patients, visitors and the like for elevated temperature or face masks before entering.  With a response time of .2 seconds, Scan-Post can accurately measure body temperature in manufacturing plants, schools, nursing and rehabilitation centers, retail and hospitality operations and more without impacting traffic flow.  The unit evaluates a pass/fail result based on preset requirements and can even be configured to control access into the building.

  • Facial Recognition for a Secure Environment
    Scan-Post offers contactless identification verification for anyone who is already listed in your database. These individuals are automatically identified, their temperature is measured and if results meet requirements, they are granted access.  This is particularly useful to ensure only those who are pre-approved or have a confirmed appointment can proceed.  Facial recognition eliminates the need to manually enter personal information into a database via a keyboard or hand write the information on a sign-in sheet, eliminating contact with others and aid in decreasing the spread of germs.
  • Ensuring Mask Requirements
    If a user is standing within 5 feet of the device, Scan-Post will direct them to the detection area and their temperature will be taken. If masks are required, and the user is not wearing one, an alert will sound reminding them to place on their mask before their temperature can be taken. This helps guide the user and advise them of the requirement.
  • Access Control
    Scan-Post is custom configurable, including enabling access controls, to securely manage who has permission to enter your building. The customization and permissions can be based on user’s temperature, mask requirements, employee or visitor status, or a combination of all three. This ensures that those permitted to enter are only those who meet the criteria.
  • Printing ID & Results
    An optional thermal printer (Shown: Zebra ZD420 Desktop Thermal Printer; 300 dpi) will print the user’s name, temperature, face, barcode or any other information designed to fit on the conveniently sized 2” x 1” label. This label can then be worn by the user as an identifier as the move throughout the facility. Contactless and cost effective, this label is much easier to produce than an ID card or assembling a badge, and handling of the label is performed by only the user.

Scan-Post provides a number of benefits, including the ability to use stored data for contact tracing and maintaining health and safety guidelines to ensure a safe, secure facility.

For more details on Scan-Post, please visit our website.  You can also download the datasheet here, or contact us directly to schedule a site assessment, virtual sales call or online demo.


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