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Barcom Celebrates 30+ Years of Solution Innovation
Successfully serving customers across North America with custom barcode and RFID solutions.

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Barcom is celebrating over three decades in business, achieving milestones along the way that have helped them become one of the most regarded solution providers in the barcode and RFID automation industry. Serving a variety of industries and organizations across North America, Barcom helps customers improve operating efficiencies by automating processes from inventory and asset management to quality assurance and maintenance.

Customer service has always been a key part of Barcom’s success. In fact, they still work with 4 out of their first 5 customers (the 5th one moved operations out of the country).  “We go beyond meeting the requirements of the customer,” said Barcom president, John Rewcastle. “We take on the responsibility of really understanding their business and use our expertise to maximize the efficiency of their operations,” he added.

Although the last two years have been challenging, Barcom’s strong relationships with customers and suppliers have enabled them to come back in 2022 with new markets to serve, exciting new applications to support, and more ways to help customers achieve victories of their own after working through supply chain and other disruptions resulting from the epidemic.

About Barcom
Barcom provides automated data collection solutions to the manufacturing, distribution, transportation, healthcare and field service industries.  Barcom specializes in the integration of their own transaction software with industry leading hardware solutions designed for rugged environments.  Devices include bar code scanners for warehouse operations, mobile computing devices and tablets for remote and mobile workforce operations, RFID / RTLS technology for hands-free operation in and around the warehouse, and machine vision and fixed industrial scanning for manufacturing and quality processes.

Barcom’s team of engineers partner with IT resources at the client level for site analysis, application development, installation & deployment, and post-implementation support, with the goal of using automated processes to optimize workflows and improve worker productivity.  For more information about Barcom, please view our video, visit or call (423) 855-1822.

Marketing Contact:
Lee Ann Capogrossi, Marketing Specialist | 423-855-1822

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