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Remote Device Management

With a large fleet of devices to manage, your IT department could easily spend the majority of their time keeping track of company assets.  This is not the best use of time when there are other business priorities to manage, which is the reason that remote (mobile) device management is attractive to many organizations today. In addition to traceability, mobile device management (MDM) makes it simple to implement, configure, provision, monitor performance and lock or wipe with a simple, single interface.  Many solutions are also operating system agnostic, working with Windows®, iOS and even Android™ operating systems. Without mobile management, keeping track of all your devices isn’t very efficient, is prone to errors, can become costly and also affect customer satisfaction levels.

Improves Lifecycle Management

The ability to easily keep track of your devices simply makes them easier to manage.  This includes staying on top of maintenance records for each unit, knowing the age of each device and determining an efficient upgrade schedule, or even improve the budget planning process by having a long-range view of replacement strategies. Information that is easily accessible means that more cost efficient, informed decisions can be made.

Offers Better Device Security

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is not only a huge productivity booster for administrators and employees, but can also provide you with an increased level of security on each device.  This may also include security and management of key functions such as application management, content and email.  We often recommend a solution like SOTI, which supports biometric or two-factor authentication for increased security.  This prevents unauthorized access to the device and even access through the device to your network.  SOTI uses encryption technology that works to make sure that these devices are as secure in the field as they are in the office.

Simplifies BYOD Policies

If you’ve implemented BYOD in your organization, then you’re probably looking for an efficient way to manage all those different devices.  For those who have discovered remote device management, it’s a true find.  Mobile device management brings simplicity to the management of a variety of consumer-grade devices (with varying operating systems) regardless of whether the devices are in one location or across a number of remote and corporate offices.  Mobile devices are agreed to be productivity enhancing for your workers because it keeps them on the move.  Without an easy way to keep tabs on these devices, it could be daunting to upgrade software or even try to troubleshoot a failure.  With MDM it’s a snap to push through software updates or even provide remote diagnostics from your location.  These critical devices are essential to the business, and the power of mobile management keeps these devices on the radar, and in the best operating condition possible.

Are you struggling to keep up with the demands of your warehouse and corporate devices?  We can recommend a mobile device management solution that will help you reduce costs and be back on track in short order.  Contact us today to get started.


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